How An Abandoned Man Behaves

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How An Abandoned Man Behaves
How An Abandoned Man Behaves

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Alas, parting is a fairly common ending of any relationship. When a man leaves a woman, he feels great. His pride is not affected, his pride is not hurt. He is a man - he decided to leave and left. But sometimes there are cases when a woman herself becomes the initiator of a break, and it is in such situations that men feel humiliated and depressed.

How an abandoned man behaves
How an abandoned man behaves


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Men are all individual and behave differently when parting. There are guys who, when breaking up with a girl, begin to behave rudely and meanly. They collect gossip about their former passion, tell their friends and acquaintances various stories in which the lady does not look the best way, they compose various fables in order to lower the ex-girlfriend in the eyes of everyone around. Some men have such a tremendous gift of self-hypnosis that they themselves begin to believe that this woman behaved ugly, that she was not so good and did not deserve any attention and respect at all. However, in this case, the man, although he acts stupid and ruthless, can still be understood. His self-esteem is destroyed, he was humiliated and abandoned, therefore, in order to somehow regain his self-esteem, he begins to raise it by insulting another person.

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In addition to the offended men spreading rumors, there are also those men who, even after parting, behave with dignity. A guy who is well-mannered will never allow himself to say anything bad about his ex-girlfriend. This behavior is quite understandable and logical. He met a woman, perhaps even managed to become attached to her and love her. And if there was love, it will not go away even after a scandalous breakup. It takes time to forget a person, and a lot of it. A man who respects himself and his ex will never wish her ill, tell something bad about her to his friends. He will painfully experience parting, but when talking about her, he will always say that she is the most wonderful, because all the best moments of his life are associated with her. Such men are worthy of respect.

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In addition to the two types of behavior described above for men after separation, there is also another type of behavior. A man who is by nature a very modest and shy person, after breaking up, often withdraws into himself and does not discuss with anyone what happened in his life. Such guys are harder than others to endure parting with girls, and after their peace of mind is still restored, they try to avoid close relationships with ladies and generally do not show any feelings towards them.

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