Why Is The Deceased Dreaming

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Why Is The Deceased Dreaming
Why Is The Deceased Dreaming

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It is customary to fear the dead who came in a dream. But often these images do not mean anything bad: you just need to overcome fear and examine the dream more attentively in order to find out its true meaning.

Why is the deceased dreaming
Why is the deceased dreaming

Interpretation of dreams of the dead

In dream books, different meanings are given not only to the circumstances in which you dream of the deceased, but also to your relationship with him. So, the deceased brother dreams of happiness, and the sister dreams of an uncertain situation in the near future.

Seeing your dead parents in a dream is a good sign. But individually, these images almost always mean a warning, a warning. Perhaps you are faced with some kind of moral choice, and your parents can suggest the right decision.

Dead friends that you dream are believed to carry some news, change. Grandmother or grandfather dreams on the eve of important ceremonies.

It is believed that every word in the mouth of the deceased has a meaning, sometimes allegorical. Sometimes the dead come for you to remember them; sometimes - to wish you health or to help solve some life situation, playing it with you in a different light than you see during the day. Sometimes - so that you finally let them go, as if on purpose returning and "entrusting" you with the right to further happiness.

Only those dreams in which the deceased leads you along, carries you away, kisses you, gives you something are really bad interpreted. Associated with these same interpretations is the omen of not responding thoughtlessly, if you are called - this, perhaps, is calling the deceased. It is believed that such dreams portend illness, danger. Believers go to church afterwards and order services for the deceased, beg forgiveness.

Psychological meaning

In one thing, psychology agrees with the dream books: the dreamed deceased is an image with which the subconscious is trying to tell us something. Sometimes the dead dream for no reason at all, and dreams are unremarkable - you should not look for hidden meanings, remember that dreams are built from all our memories: perhaps this is just a slight longing for the past, a confirmation that you have not forgotten.

Human memory is designed in such a way as to associate various objects with each other through associations, concepts, and similarities. A story about forest fires in the news, noticed out of the corner of your eye, can lead to a dream with a dead firefighter who was close to you. But the dream itself will be part of the process of solving some completely different problem, not related to either the deceased or the fires.

Deep emotional connections affect our personality, so our loved ones who have passed away from this life remain with us forever. It is not surprising that our subconscious mind shows us people in which we ourselves are reflected. The painful feeling with which they sometimes wake up after such dreams is associated more with the comprehension of the issues of life and death, but not with bad news. However, your acute fear, foreboding, and dreaming together can indicate a health or relationship problem: the brain uses a variety of ways to hint at something really important to us.

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