How To Sew A Baby Jacket

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How To Sew A Baby Jacket
How To Sew A Baby Jacket

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Sewing a jacket for a child is quite possible even for an inexperienced seamstress. The only thing that will cause you an inconvenience is trying on, because not every child likes to dress and undress, and also does not always say what and where is stopping him.

How to sew a baby jacket
How to sew a baby jacket

It is necessary

Fabric for jackets and lining, synthetic winterizer, zippers, Velcro, sewing accessories


Step 1

Choose what the children's jacket will be made of. To do this, you can take an old adult jacket in bright colors, or you can buy a new fabric.

Step 2

Decide on the style of the jacket - it is best to choose the simplest one, without a hood, but with a stand-up collar. If you wish, you can also sew a collar, but you will need to fasten it with simple Velcro or with buttons - then it will not interfere with the baby at all.

Step 3

Take off the necessary dimensions for the future product. It is easier to do this using the baby's things. Decide on the long sleeves, length and width of the product. Prepare the pattern and patterns, alternately cutting out every detail of the jacket.

Step 4

Transfer the pattern to the fabric, in the same way cut the lining fabric, which should be smooth and silky. If the jacket is intended for a colder season, then it is necessary to cut out the necessary details from the padding polyester.

Step 5

Connect all the details of the upper part of the jacket (shelves and back), carefully sew them, do the same with the lining and padding polyester. Then sew the sleeves and finish them, and don't forget to insert elastic into the cuffs.

Step 6

Sew all parts of the jacket in this order: main part, synthetic winterizer, then sew in the sleeves and sew the lining to the jacket.

Step 7

Sew in the zipper and sew on patch pockets. Iron the entire children's jacket through a damp cloth. If you decide to sew a jacket with a hood, then also make a pattern and sew all parts of the hood. Velcro can be sewn onto the collar and hood of the jacket - this is very convenient, you can put on and take off the hood without any special work. You can also decorate a children's jacket with various appliqués or patches, as well as sew fur on the collar, hood or sleeves.

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