How To Register A Child In A Clinic

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How To Register A Child In A Clinic
How To Register A Child In A Clinic

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The child needs constant medical supervision, especially in the first year after birth. Therefore, upon discharge from the hospital, the question arises of registering the baby in the clinic. the same question arises if you have moved to another area

How to register a child in a clinic
How to register a child in a clinic

It is necessary

  • - insurance policy;
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - passport of the mother or father (citizens of the Russian Federation) and their photocopy;
  • - generic certificate.


Step 1

When you are discharged from the hospital, information about you must be transferred to the Children's Clinic at the place of your registration (if you gave birth in the hospital at the place of registration). Then you are automatically registered. The health visitor and your local doctor are required to visit you the first week after you are discharged. They will explain to you what documents and photocopies are required (birth certificate of the child and his photocopy, passport of one of the parents and his photocopy, insurance policy of the child (up to one month, the baby is served under the insurance policy of the mother or father, birth certificate). you can contact the polyclinic at the place of registration to your local pediatrician and specialists.

Step 2

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation (Article 5 of the Federal Law “On Health Insurance in the Russian Federation”), you have the right to receive medical care throughout the entire Russian Federation. To do this, you just need to provide the child's insurance policy (issued on the territory of the Russian Federation) and his photocopy, a photocopy of the passport of one of the parents (registration of the Russian Federation). In accordance with Article 6 of the same law, you have the right to: - compulsory and voluntary medical insurance; - choice of a medical insurance organization; - choice of a medical institution and a doctor in accordance with compulsory and voluntary medical insurance contracts; - receiving medical care throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, including outside the permanent place of residence.

Step 3

If you gave birth not at the place of registration, then the institution will give you an extract from the hospital and an exchange card. You must independently apply to the district children's clinic at the place of your registration and hand over an extract from the hospital. You are automatically put on record, in the first week your local doctor will come to you, who will explain what and in what time frame you need to provide.

Step 4

If you have a birth certificate in your hands, but there is no policy and registration for this place of appeal, then children under one year old are obliged to serve under this certificate free of charge in accordance with the national project "Health". The certificate is issued at the antenatal clinic where you registered. The back of the coupon is presented at the time of application. If you were denied an examination or the quality of the service provided was unsatisfactory, you have the right to contact your local health authority.

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