How Does A Girl Feel During Orgasm?

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How Does A Girl Feel During Orgasm?
How Does A Girl Feel During Orgasm?

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The highest point of sexual pleasure gives tremendous sensations to both man and woman. It can hardly be said that they are very different (at least no one can verify this), but the female orgasm certainly has its own specificity.

How does a girl feel during orgasm?
How does a girl feel during orgasm?

Types of female orgasm

The female orgasm is delicate and delicate. To begin with, there are as many as 4 types of orgasms that a woman can experience. These are clitoral, vaginal, mixed and extragenital orgasms.

Clitoral orgasm is achieved through clitoral stimulation. Probably, this type of orgasm is the strongest and most "point", that is, the pleasure is maximally concentrated. This is the fastest kind of orgasm, to achieve it, the girl needs no more time than the most "fast" man. Any woman can experience this type of orgasm.

The vaginal orgasm lasts longer and is felt throughout the body. It is achieved by the usual frictions performed by a man, but here a woman needs a little more time than with a clitoral orgasm. It is believed that some women cannot experience vaginal orgasms.

A mixed type of orgasm is also possible: clitoral-vaginal, in which the two previous types of orgasm occur simultaneously.

Quite a rare type of orgasm that, according to research, not every girl can experience. It is achieved through gentle caresses, kisses and an appropriate psychological attitude.

All types of female orgasm depend not only on physiological stimulation, but also, in many respects, on psychological sensations. According to research, most women prefer having sex with their beloved partner in a quiet place. It is very important for women to relax and trust the man to have an orgasm. Some are not allowed to do this by "education", but in fact, these mean the presence of psychological problems that need to be addressed. Of course, the girl's temperament plays an important role.

Orgasm sensation for girls

On average, according to studies, female orgasm lasts from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, although more significant records have been recorded. There is also such a phenomenon as multiple orgasm, when a girl feels pleasure over and over again, approaching the very peak.

Of course, every woman experiences her own feelings. But there are some common indications. She usually closes her eyes in pleasure. She seems to be detached from what is happening, as she is experiencing a deep and strong sensation. The girls themselves describe it in different words: explosion, soaring, flying, soft fog … It also depends on the intensity of the orgasm, which also differs. Sometimes orgasms are strong, and indeed, you can compare them with an explosion, and sometimes they are so soft and calm that the girl fixes them almost only by the relaxation that follows them.

In general, the physiology of the female orgasm is as follows. First, there is a feeling of a kind of pause, after which the lower part of the body relaxes and becomes "weightless" in sensations. Then a wave of warmth and pleasure spreads from it throughout the body. Sometimes a girl during orgasm feels her muscles contract rhythmically inside. In some of the cervix, a discharge of secretion occurs, which the man quite clearly feels. After orgasm, relaxation comes.

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