What To Do If A Daughter Masturbates

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What To Do If A Daughter Masturbates
What To Do If A Daughter Masturbates

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Raising a child occupies a huge niche in the life of every parent. One of the most important aspects of upbringing is the puberty of a child. This issue needs to be given special attention.

What to do if a daughter masturbates
What to do if a daughter masturbates


Sex education has always been a concern for parents. Sometimes this is due to the fact that in their time they were not interested in this issue, sometimes simply because not every parent knows how to talk about puberty with a child. The problem is that people don't call things by their proper names. We can hear the words “this”, “that”, “you had it” instead of the word “sex”. It all starts with hiding the very fact of sexual intercourse between adults, this is already fundamentally wrong.

Masturbation, as scientists have already proven, has a positive effect on a woman's health, especially if she does not have sex for a long period. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with child masturbation.

It all starts with the simple interest of the child. Many even in kindergarten are beginning to take an interest in the genitals of boys and girls. Children learn about the world in all its manifestations, and there is nothing wrong with that. Usually, the first time masturbation occurs unconsciously. The girl seems to have some kind of vague desire. It happens that, studying his genitals, the baby will feel something pleasant. After the first time, the child quite consciously begins to masturbate.

What to do?

The task of every parent is not to punish the girl for this. In general, you cannot offend a child, especially without a reason. If you notice that the child is masturbating, then the other person may also notice it. So talk to your child. Ask if the girl's labia are itching, if there are any wounds or something like that. There are situations when masturbation is only a consequence of diseased genitals, because even little girls can have thrush. If the child is really sick, take him to the doctor immediately, start treatment.

If the reason is to have fun, then you need to explain to the girl what is really going on. Try to tell what the future holds for her, why she wants to do it, why she likes it. Remember that sex and masturbation are two essential processes for women's health. Most importantly, explain to your child that you should never masturbate in public or in public. Explain that you can only do this kind of thing in a secluded place.

Your main task is to educate the girl so that she understands why you can't have sex with the first boy you come across, why you can't masturbate when someone is looking at her. To do this, from childhood, teach your child etiquette and set your own example, especially for mothers.

After 12 years, perhaps even earlier, it is necessary to conduct conversations with the child, which will talk about sexual intercourse, about why two adults are having sex. And do not emphasize that sex is needed only in order to conceive a child and fulfill marital duty. Try to tell the child as frankly as possible how the process is going and what its essence is, but do not forget that this is a child.

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