Myths About Men

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Myths About Men
Myths About Men

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As long as humanity has existed, we women have been trying to understand men. Still, we often make mistakes in our judgments. Here are the most common …

Myths about men
Myths about men


Step 1

They all only need one thing

We used to think that spiritual and family values ​​are not as important for a strong half of humanity as for us, that sex is above all for men. But no! Men and women alike dream of a serious relationship. Maybe you just met the wrong guys?

Step 2

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach

Not a single woman has ever been able to "ring" her beloved, using a saucepan and a ladle as a weapon. A woman's culinary talent is just an addition to her other virtues. Of course, undercooked pasta and over-salted meat can cause quarrels. But if a man loves you, he himself will get up and cook something delicious.

Step 3

A man should be a little more beautiful than a monkey. Beauty is a relative concept. Someone likes men like Danny DeVito, someone faints exclusively from guys like Keanu Reeves.

But we all pay attention to appearance! The one we love is the most handsome man in the world! Of course, you can think that your friend's boyfriend is "a little prettier than a monkey," but keep your thoughts to yourself, otherwise you will find out the whole truth to your chosen one.

Step 4

All men are cheating. Believe me, guys also gather in a close male circle for a beer and reflect on the topic: "Are there any faithful women left on planet Earth?" We do not condone men - the fact that they are polygamous is recognized by science.

But in your environment there are knights whose loyalty is beyond doubt. So, you have a chance to meet your "exception to the rule".

Step 5

Today there are no real men left

This saying implies that once (20, 40, 100, … years ago) there were a dime a dozen knights. Ask your mother, grandmother, whether it was easy for them to find their soul mate, whether the heroes of past years forced women to shed tears into the pillow. Most likely, you will hear stories of disappointments … And this means that only times change, but men and women remain the same … And if your mother is lucky, and as a result of love, such a charming you was born, then you too there is a chance to be happy by meeting true love!

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