Housewife Of The XXI Century

Housewife Of The XXI Century
Housewife Of The XXI Century

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Ten years ago, women held men's positions, performed difficult jobs, and strove to build a career. In an effort to occupy a high position in society, they began to forget about family values. Many women preferred to housekeeping and family, work associated with constant stress, difficult schedules and a large number of business trips. But now more and more often you are paying attention to the fact that women began to think that the family is much more important than career heights. Over the past year, a large number of women have left their jobs and have become housewives. Why did such a change suddenly take place?

Housewife of the XXI century
Housewife of the XXI century

The prevailing stereotype that a woman housewife is a kind of loser forced young girls to go to work and prove that they were worth something. Despite all the difficulties and obstacles, women were ready to overshadow feelings, love, family in order to climb the career ladder and prove to everyone around that they can work no worse than men and even occupy higher positions. Now women have finally begun to realize that housekeeping is a very important part of a happy family life. And almost every fourth is ready to become a housewife. This accumulated fatigue, constant lack of time, stupid everyday rush, empty talk at work made the woman think about her true destiny. This choice suits most men, since they are happy to come to a clean house with fresh aromas of hot food in the air, they like it when they return from work and they are greeted by their family fully assembled.

How can a woman change in her head the opinion that a housewife is not unfortunate circumstances of life, but a conscious choice in favor of a family?

  1. You have a lot of free time. At first, it may scare you, because it seems that home is boring enough, you are out of society, there is no constant movement as before. But you need to learn how to use this time with benefit. Any house, apartment needs care. This is the maintenance of cleanliness and order: washed and ironed things, clean dishes, tidied rooms, a made bed. It may seem like a monotonous and unpleasant job, but if you approach it wisely, and not only clean up day after day, but try to transform the house - in other words, make it smart, then even such a monotonous job can fascinate you.
  2. Watch yourself. Now you can get up in the morning and calmly tidy yourself up. Take your time to take care of your face and body. Choose a dress, or a top with a skirt or shorts, in which you will walk around the house. These should be clean, ironed things, not stretched, dirty rags. Men love with their eyes, and they want to see their wife in shape. If you teach yourself to take care of yourself every day, then in the end you will learn to love yourself.
  3. Cooking. Diversity! This is your motto. Now you can afford to cook a variety of dishes. Not on the run, but measuredly choosing new delicious recipes and pampering your family with something new day after day. Learn to bake, perhaps you will discover secret talents that were hidden from you before.
  4. Be sure to read. While sitting at home, you can watch TV or surf the Internet. But sooner or later it will lead you to feel worthless again. Time will quickly pass, and empty consideration of incomprehensible programs and unnecessary sites will make you think about what you are doing at home. Choose a book for yourself, consult with your husband, maybe he will tell you to read what he likes. This will broaden your horizons, give you the opportunity to relax, and in the evening you can definitely discuss this at a joint dinner.
  5. Do not forget that you are a woman and that you can keep yourself busy with fitness, yoga and walking.Even if you don't have girlfriends with whom to go, and initially it seems like an unnecessary activity, then you have to force yourself. Believe me, most likely in a couple of weeks you will find new acquaintances.
  6. Sometimes sign up for a beauty salon, for a pedicure, manicure, painting and haircut. Raise your self-esteem.
  7. Find an extra activity you like - you can start writing a book or articles, start a housewife's blog, in which you will talk about your culinary achievements, hobbies and childcare.
  8. Do not be afraid of someone else's condemnation. Other women may well start gossiping about you that you are not working. Believe me, if you are a good mother and wife, it will be more valuable for your husband than you will be a tortured hard worker who cannot play in the evening with a child because she is insanely tired and does not want to move.
  9. Family debt. Don't forget to pamper your man with romantic dinners, evening walks and nightlife. Closeness between husband and wife is as essential as a good tasty dinner.

A woman housewife can be the happiest woman in the world if you can convince yourself of this and enjoy every day you spend with your family. You must have something to do, nobody says you cannot work, find something to do for pleasure. You should enjoy life and enjoy every minute spent with your family. Travel, take care of yourself, read interesting books, cook great meals. Love yourself! Indeed, at all times, a woman was considered the keeper of the hearth. And you will make the right decision if you make a choice in favor of the family.

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