How To Win A Twin Man

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How To Win A Twin Man
How To Win A Twin Man

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A man who is Gemini in the zodiac sign is under the influence of the element of Air. It is dominated by the masculine principle. Such men are usually creators and creators. However, at the same time, they are very changeable, windy and fickle. Winning a Gemini man is not easy. For this you have to try very hard.

How to win a twin man
How to win a twin man


Step 1

First of all, understand that the Gemini man, due to his lively and light character, is used to being in the spotlight. He knew success, women love him, so you will not surprise such a man with compliments. Catching every word of the Gemini man, looking at him with mute adoration, praising - all these are not the best options. To get Gemini's attention, you have to show that you are very different from everyone around you. He must understand that you are special.

Step 2

To achieve your goal, you should understand what exactly the Gemini man values ​​in relationships with women, what he expects from these relationships, what he strives for in them. The fact is that one of the most attractive feminine qualities of the Gemini man is not beauty. That is, he, of course, pays great attention to external data, but the main advantage of a woman in his eyes is intelligence.

To seduce a Gemini man, a lady must show him that she is a good companion, that the level of her spiritual and intellectual development is very high. A woman who is next to her twin should develop herself spiritually, pursue a career, creativity, strive for an interesting and fulfilling life.

Step 3

When flirting with your twin, throw away your usual clichés. Be witty and lively, unexpected. Let him know that there is a mystery in you. He will definitely want to solve it.

It is also good to be able to leave such a man in time. Let's say you feel that you are interested in the Gemini man, the conversation flows easily and naturally. When he completely concentrates on your words and turns his whole body to you, suddenly do other things. This will make the Gemini want to continue communication.

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