How To Meet A Mother-in-law

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How To Meet A Mother-in-law
How To Meet A Mother-in-law

Video: How To Meet A Mother-in-law

Video: How To Meet A Mother-in-law
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A visit from relatives is an important event in the life of a family, and if this is the arrival of a mother-in-law, then the rank of such a meeting rises to an unprecedented height, even if you are in a wonderful relationship with her. For the meeting to be successful, it is important to think over every little detail, starting from the appearance and uploading to a festive lunch or dinner.

How to meet a mother-in-law
How to meet a mother-in-law


Step 1

Ask your husband in advance about his mom's tastes and preferences. So if she loves live plants, put flower pots in a prominent place; if she likes to watch TV, set aside a room for relaxation where she could enjoy her favorite movie or program.

Step 2

Before your mother-in-law arrives, do a general cleaning of the apartment so that she does not have the thought that you are not capable of running the house and keeping the house clean. Do not expose your intimate life in front of your spouse's mother, so it is better to put underwear and personal hygiene items in a closet or chest of drawers.

Step 3

Think ahead about your outfit. Discard the old robe or extravagant clothes, otherwise you can ruin the experience. Show your mother-in-law that you have good taste and a sense of style. It is better to wear something casual, simple and comfortable, and add your favorite accessory to the outfit.

Step 4

Show your mother-in-law that you were preparing for the meeting by cooking her favorite meals. That being said, do not forget to mention her culinary talents, if they really are present. Prepare a small gift or souvenir - this way you will not only please your relatives, but also defuse the situation.

Step 5

Never flatter your spouse's mom. As a rule, mother-in-law immediately feels overt flattery. It is better to surround her with your attention and care, thereby showing that you are glad of her arrival and appreciate her human qualities.

Step 6

Do not scold your husband in front of his mother, even if he deserves it. Do not forget that for her, he is, first of all, a beloved son and it will be unpleasant for her to hear negativity in his direction. Even if she herself begins to criticize his behavior, it is better to just remain silent, and not develop this topic.

Step 7

Do not resist her advice, but be sure to listen and thank. However, it is not at all necessary to follow them. Let her get the impression that she is still needed, now not only for her son, but also for his wife.

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