How To Divorce Intelligently

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How To Divorce Intelligently
How To Divorce Intelligently

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The marriage is not always successful. Different situations happen in people's lives. Sometimes it was just that the decision about marriage was made early, and it did not work out. There are situations when our environment affects us so much that we are unable to continue the relationship we started earlier. Partners change, and so does the relationship between people. Our society no longer views divorce as strictly as fifty years ago. But in many ways, the situation depends on you. What is better with a scream and scandal to leave or kick out a partner or part with friends intelligently and peacefully? The choice is always yours. And for those who are in favor of a peaceful solution of problems, there are some tips on how to get through all this easier.

couple at tea
couple at tea


Step 1

The most important thing to learn is not to blame anyone for what happened. Of course, shifting guilt on everyone and everything can make you feel calmer and happier for a while, but in the long run, this is a road to nowhere. Do not take guilt on yourself, it will destroy you as a person and undermine your health. Accept the situation. What happened happened. And the best thing is to just invite your partner to a quiet place and drink wine or tea together and talk about everything calmly.

Step 2

The next step is to hire a lawyer. Let him take care of all the paperwork and negotiations, you have already done a lot. And so you will once again have the opportunity to look at the situation as a transaction or a routine operation with securities.

Step 3

Of course, in such a case as a divorce, there are situations when there is simply no strength and a scandal is already around. Try not to make a showdown in public. And even if your partner goes down to this, be higher than him. It will be difficult at first, but after a while you will be grateful to yourself. People can forget the reason for the quarrel or the words, but the emotions after it are unlikely.

Step 4

Try not to talk badly about your partner to children, parents, and mutual acquaintances. Everyone will draw conclusions for themselves. But your relationship is over. And if there was a marriage, then in addition to the bad, there were good moments, speaking badly about your partner, you will erase all the good in the eyes of those around you.

Step 5

When it's over, please yourself. Make yourself a gift, arrange a holiday, go on vacation, in general, create a good and pleasant memory for yourself. It will restore your psyche at least a little.

Step 6

And finally, do not rush back immediately after everything is done. Give yourself time to think and rest. It often seems to us that the divorce was a mistake, sometimes it really is. But you still need time. To begin with - to rest, then - to weigh everything.

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