How To Turn A Man On

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How To Turn A Man On
How To Turn A Man On

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To learn how to excite your beloved man, you need to know all his erogenous zones well enough and very skillfully use this intimate knowledge.

How to turn a man on
How to turn a man on

How to excite a man by touching his body

It is necessary to start a love game with your soul mate with kissing. Whether they will be passionate or gentle, only you yourself can decide. However, the duration of such caresses should not be too long, since some representatives of the stronger sex do not like kissing at all, but do it only taking into account a little female whim. It is best to start gently touching his sensitive areas. Start by caressing his ears. It can be light and teasing nibbling on the lobe, stroking the auricle and the area behind it. With such actions, do not forget to run your hands into your lover's hair on the back of the head and whisper obscene or, conversely, very gentle words in his ear. Guys are wildly excited about it.

Also, the back of the legs and arms of your beloved representative of the stronger sex will react sensitively to your touch. You can stroke these areas with your hands or run the tip of your tongue over them. Passionate or, conversely, very gentle sucking on the fingers will also bring a man to ecstasy.

It is better to accompany the caress of the male breast by undressing. Stroke and kiss the male nipples, or you can gently nibble on them. Even stronger will cause a man's passion to touch your hand to the path from his abdomen to the pubis.

Some girls mistakenly believe that a man's back cannot have erogenous zones. In fact, this is not at all the case. Run your fingertips along your back along the spine, and an electric current seems to run through your lover's body. Increase the sex drive and the touch of your chest to his back.

More intimate caresses that excite men

The penis and scrotum are the most sensitive parts of the male body. To excite your lover, use the caress of the head of the penis and its outer rim located at the back. The touch of your hands, accompanied by the movement of the foreskin up and down, can not only excite a representative of the stronger sex, but also bring him to orgasm. Oral sex techniques can also help you drive a man crazy. You can caress his penis not only with your hands, but also with your lips and tongue.

When caressing your boyfriend, first of all, pay attention not to these tips, but only to his reaction and to the reaction of his body, which itself will tell you everything.

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