How To Choose An Engagement Ring

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How To Choose An Engagement Ring
How To Choose An Engagement Ring

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Video: How To Choose An Engagement Ring
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A man can choose a ring for a marriage proposal to his beloved, relying on his feelings and common sense. It can be bought at a jewelry store or made to order. The decoration should become a beautiful symbol of your devotion and care for your future spouse.

How to choose an engagement ring
How to choose an engagement ring

The moment when a man proposes to his beloved woman to start a family is remembered by the couple forever. The importance of this day can be emphasized with a special gift. The ring on the finger of your chosen one will be an excellent talisman of your decision. Even before the wedding, a woman can proudly wear it on the ring finger of her right hand.

Engagement ring: choose by the rules

Choosing an engagement ring is a task that a sincerely loving man can easily cope with. The main thing is to follow a few basic rules. The most important rule: the ring should be made of precious metal with a stone.

When choosing jewelry, always be guided by the taste of your future wife. There are women who only wear gold. In this case, the ring can be cast from yellow or white gold, as well as from platinum.

It is better for a woman who prefers silver to give a rather valuable and beautiful ring made of this metal. Silverware is sometimes more sophisticated in design. With their original design, they compensate for the difference in price that distinguishes gold jewelry from silver jewelry.

From the stones with which the ring is adorned, pearls, opals, ruby and diamond chips should be excluded. They symbolize tears, misery, blood due to love and broken relationships, respectively. It is worth spending a little time choosing jewelry so that it will bring only good things into your life.

The best stone to symbolize the seriousness and longevity of your intentions is a solid diamond or several smaller diamonds, for example, two or three. Two stones symbolize your couple, and three - periods of your life together: past, present and future.

It is best to check the design of the gift and its size with your loved one. For example, a friend or sister, while asking to keep everything secret until a happy moment.

Engagement ring: buy by income

Buying an engagement ring should be based on your capabilities. A gift that is too expensive can become unreasonable, because a wedding celebration is coming soon and there will be high costs. Choose an adornment that is beautiful and memorable, this is the main thing.

In the west, the cost of an engagement ring is two of the groom's salaries. In our country, such a condition is not considered mandatory. The price of jewelry can start from five thousand rubles.

Still, the main thing in such a gift is not the price, but the feeling with which you chose it and presented it to your chosen one. The ring is removed before registration and the women wear it next to the wedding band if they see fit.

Such decoration often becomes a family heirloom, which is passed on to young men by inheritance from their mother or grandmother as a symbol of marital fidelity in the family. After a generation, a young man can propose to his beloved and present this ring.

A gift is considered appropriate if the marriage of its former mistress was a happy one. The new couple of young people will be supported by the positive coming from the jewelry, and the confidence that they will continue the happy traditions of the family.

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