How To Invite A Girl To Dinner

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How To Invite A Girl To Dinner
How To Invite A Girl To Dinner

Video: How To Invite A Girl To Dinner

Video: How To Invite A Girl To Dinner
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Few men are given to understand the female gender. And at the same time, by trial and error, they are trying to somehow find a way to win the heart of their beloved. Sweets, flowers, champagne are used. This standard set of a gentleman has not yet been canceled. As a rule, it works flawlessly to invite a girl, for example, to dinner at his home.

How to invite a girl to dinner
How to invite a girl to dinner

It is necessary

  • - products for cooking dinner, or you can order food from the restaurant - this will save a lot of time;
  • - aroma candles;
  • - flowers;
  • - time for cleaning and preparing the apartment;
  • - charm and hanging tongue, because you call the girl not to entertain herself.


Step 1

First you need to get the girl's consent. At the same time, it is not necessary to promise "mountains of gold". The usual charm and politeness will be enough. If you are asking a girl out on a first date, then naturally you need to be as tactful as possible. Girls do not like vulgar hints, and even more so from unfamiliar people. Do not promise what you are not going to perform: invite to champagne, but give the girl some beer. In no case should you say that you yourself will cook dinner if you are going to ask for help at the nearest restaurant or bistro. As a rule, such a deception will be revealed quickly, and will be regarded as disrespect to her person.

Step 2

The second step is to prepare the apartment to receive a special guest - your girlfriend. The apartment should look neat and tidy. If you don't want your friend to know what you do or where you work, remove all unnecessary things that give away your occupation. Be sure to dust off and put everything in its place.

Step 3

Surprise with your table setting skills. Flowers and scented candles will create a cozy atmosphere. Probably, every girl will not refuse a candlelit dinner. All dishes, forks and glasses must be clean, so it is best to wash them shortly before the guest arrives. When everything is ready, once again take a look around the apartment - have you missed anything.

Step 4

Prepare dinner. It doesn't hurt to find out about your invitee's food preferences. If you don't know how to cook, order food from a restaurant, but you shouldn't be silent about it. If he asks, admit it. There is no shame in this.

Step 5

When a guest arrives, help her to undress and take off her shoes. Take to the place where you will have dinner. Give her flowers. It will not hurt to find out in advance what flowers she likes (her friends can help you with this). Try to make her feel comfortable and at home. Be polite.

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