How To Captivate A Leo Man

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How To Captivate A Leo Man
How To Captivate A Leo Man

Video: How To Captivate A Leo Man

Video: How To Captivate A Leo Man
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An active, freedom-loving and independent man-Leo, who often has many talents, is quite difficult to captivate. However, “not easy” does not mean “impossible”. To be successful, you need to take into account the characteristics of men who are born under this zodiac sign.

How to captivate a Leo man
How to captivate a Leo man


Step 1

To begin with, remember that a “driven”, insecure woman who cherishes her complexes does not deserve even one glance from a Leo man. The appearance of the chosen one is of great importance to him: the "predator" will prefer a bright, spectacular beauty who watches over her figure and appearance. However, a beautiful "doll" interested only in shopping and fashionable nightlife can only claim the role of a "disposable" girl.

Step 2

It would seem that stylish, strict, well-groomed women-careerists deserve the attention of Leo like no one else. This fact is not questioned, but there is a small addition: most likely, a business woman will be interested in a man as a business partner or an interesting interlocutor.

Step 3

Not everyone will be able to catch and tame the Lion. It is difficult to imagine exactly what the ideal companion of this sign should be, if neither a housewife, nor a careerist, nor a model can interest him. In fact, the secret is quite simple: such a man will be attracted by the one who does not show her interest directly. As much as you would like to show sympathy, you should not allow yourself to do so.

Step 4

In the company, keep strictly, while gently charming the entire male society, giving no preference or highlighting to anyone. You must be able to defend your opinion by passionately proving your point of view, while remaining calm in relation to the interlocutors.

Step 5

Your appearance should "speak" about the fact that you are perfectly aware of your individuality, and in your arsenal you have many more "zests". You have to "sparkle" and stand out from the background of other women, and not with clothes, not with makeup, but with originality. A Leo man, when looking at you, should understand that, despite the restrained appearance, you can dashingly enter a sharp turn without losing your composure, that the severity and mystery that surround you border on passion and meekness.

Step 6

The conquest of the Leo man consists only in graciously allowing him minor courtship, which then grows into something more. Active actions on the part of a woman will only scare away and disappoint Leo.