How To Please All Girls

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How To Please All Girls
How To Please All Girls

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There is a certain category of guys that girls line up for, while others go unnoticed. Don't be upset if you belong to the second category. The sympathy of girls can be easily earned if you know some secrets.

How to please all girls
How to please all girls


Step 1

First of all, if the female gender does not indulge you with their attention, look at your behavior. It is possible that you are too modest a person and the girls simply do not notice you. Of course, this does not mean that you should be cheeky or overconfident. Unnatural behavior is always striking, it will be enough for a girl to spend a couple of minutes in your company to understand that you are not at all what you want to seem. Try to be yourself, but forget about your own shortcomings. Be confident, because these are the guys that girls like. Don't forget that ladies love with their ears. Compliment, smile more often, be sincere.

Step 2

Without exception, all girls like guys with whom it is interesting to talk. Success primarily depends on communication. Tell us any interesting life stories about your hobbies or travels. Or maybe you have hidden talents? Tell about them too. Talk about everything, try not to be silent. Information should be presented with humor, giving some words a humorous connotation. However, remember that almost all girls also love to talk, so learn not only to speak, but also to listen to your interlocutor.

Step 3

Be sure to pay attention to how you look. A person's appearance can both attract and repel. There are no special rules for this. It's enough just to be neat and clean-shaven, because the girl is unlikely to like a sloppy, sweaty guy who is ashamed to show her friends. By the way, you will have to win their favor as well, since all girls listen to the opinions of their friends.

Step 4

Don't be a curmudgeon! Know that girls love generous guys. Give them romantic gifts. Of course, this does not mean buying expensive things, any little thing will be pleasant. On the first date, be sure to come with a bouquet of flowers. The main thing is for the girl to feel your attention. Even if generosity is not your nature, try to appear so that you can produce a good relationship with the opposite sex. Subsequently, the girls will discern your other talents, but the first impression is the most important and it is this that determines whether further relationships will develop. By remembering these tips and applying them in practice, you will surely conquer all the girls on Earth.

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