How To Choose A Hypoallergenic Baby Powder

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How To Choose A Hypoallergenic Baby Powder
How To Choose A Hypoallergenic Baby Powder
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It is much easier for modern mothers to take care of their children, because functional household appliances come to their aid. And the first necessity for a family with a child is a washing machine. However, in order to tidy up the baby's things, you need not only an automatic "washerwoman", but also a high-quality washing powder.

How to choose a hypoallergenic baby powder
How to choose a hypoallergenic baby powder

Most modern children's laundry detergents are replete with various chemical additives. They usually include perfumery fragrance, surfactants and other substances. All of them are capable of causing allergies in babies, therefore, such household chemicals are of little use for washing babies' linen. Before you buy a hypoallergenic powder, you need to consider the parameters for choosing a product.

Hypoallergenic powders - selection criteria

Hypoallergenic washing powders should not contain aggressive ingredients that can irritate the delicate skin of babies. Using products with such components is unsafe even for adults. Choose powders with the most gentle composition. Most often, such powders are more expensive than conventional ones, but the savings in this case will go far from good.

Hypoallergenic powders for children should include a maximum of natural ingredients. In addition, one should not forget about their ability to remove dirt. Toddler clothes traditionally need frequent washing and soaking. To make it easier to get rid of stubborn stains, traces of markers, juice, berries, the hypoallergenic agent should dissolve quickly enough in water.

High-quality washing powder for baby clothes is odorless, because it is artificial flavors that often cause allergic reactions, itchy skin in children. The possibility of irritation also depends on how well the product rinses out.

What should be the composition of a hypoallergenic agent

The composition of a hypoallergenic agent should not contain surfactants. These surfactants are quite aggressive in action, so their use can cause allergies. Also, baby powders should not include phosphates. These additives serve to soften water, but they are toxic and harmful to the environment.

Synthetic additives and enzymes are allergens, and they also wear out your laundry. Regular and optical brighteners are difficult to wash off fabrics and remain on the surface of clothes after ironing. Therefore, these substances have no place in hypoallergenic baby washing powder.

The assortment of hypoallergenic products for washing children's linen includes products from Russian and foreign companies. They are made on a natural soap base. When buying a powder, be sure to read the information on the package to make sure the composition is safe. The label will indicate from what age the product can be used.

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