Safe Behavior On Ice

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Safe Behavior On Ice
Safe Behavior On Ice

Video: Safe Behavior On Ice

Video: Safe Behavior On Ice
Video: How to stay safe on ice 2023, December

With the onset of winter, contact with slippery ice cannot be avoided. Puddles and water bodies freeze, the surface of roads and sidewalks is covered with ice. It is very important to explain to the child at this time how to behave correctly with ice. And also to take measures for the safety of the child ourselves.


It is necessary

  • - warm and comfortable clothes that do not hinder movement;
  • - warm and comfortable shoes with a stable sole.


Step 1

Try to talk to your child before the walk and explain to him the dangers of playing on the ice, tell him that going on the ice is dangerous.

Step 2

Explain that you cannot test the ice strength with a stick or kick. Even a seemingly small puddle can turn out to be a deep hole filled with water frozen from above. Moreover, you cannot go out on the ice on water bodies, rivers and lakes.

Step 3

Try not to set a bad example for your child and do not go out on the ice yourself. Do not allow puddles to roll on frozen sidewalks.

Step 4

If you are going to skate, do it only at a specialized ice rink.

Step 5

If you or the child hit your back or head violently during the fall, do not try to get up, call an ambulance and try to remain motionless.

Step 6

If you twist your leg while skiing, you need to go indoors, avoiding stress on the sore leg, release the foot from the shoes and make a cold compress. Call a doctor or get to the nearest trauma center on your own.

Step 7

In the event of an emergency with you, your child, or another person on the ice, call 101 or 112 for help.