Why Do You Need A Leash For A Child

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Why Do You Need A Leash For A Child
Why Do You Need A Leash For A Child

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Recently, on the street you can see parents who lead their children on special leashes. At first glance, this looks rather ridiculous and strange, because such an accessory is usually intended for walking animals. However, one should not jump to conclusions. It is worth understanding what a child's leash is and why a child needs it.

Why do you need a leash for a child
Why do you need a leash for a child

Varieties of children's leashes

Manufacturers offer several different models of baby leashes. The reins are considered the safest, equipped with a rigid handle-holder and fixing the baby with soft panties. This leash model evenly distributes the load on the child's fragile spine.

Another baby-friendly model is the reins, which are attached to the chest, armpits and shoulders. The leash is lined with soft fabric for the chest to protect it from chafing. This model is distinguished by a wide range of adjustments, allowing the use of the reins on both winter and summer clothes.

The simplest model is the reins, which consist of slings and adjustable buckles. The leash is suitable for older children who have already learned to stand confidently on their feet, but may fall when moving. It controls the baby's balance, but does not support the baby.

Another interesting solution for children's reins is a model that consists of a backpack and a leash attached to it. Such reins are suitable for very active children who do not want to walk by the hand with a parent.

Why does a child need a leash

The first steps of the baby are great joy for parents, but it can be overshadowed by the child's frequent falls and related injuries. Baby reins can provide complete safety for toddlers just starting to take their first steps.

When the child is already bored of crawling, he gets up and learns to walk. This period is associated with the first fall, bruises and loud crying. Unfortunately, without this, the baby will not learn to stomp along the path. However, mom is trying to save the baby, catch him in time and not let him fall and hit.

The baby leash gently hugs the baby's body, allowing the mother to control the steps, protecting the baby from bruises and bruises. This device is not only able to protect the baby, but also to protect the mother's back, because she needs to periodically bend over, bending her body in order to lead the little pedestrian by the hand.

A child's leash is also a means of controlling a restless explorer. As you know, kids are very curious. They are attracted by dirty and dangerous objects, pits and puddles, open hatches and curbs. It is difficult to keep track of the nimble toddler. And here the leash comes to the aid of the parent. As soon as the child heads towards the pit, mom or dad, with a slight movement of the hand, decisively and gently pulls away the inquisitive baby and prevents a possible disaster.

What if suddenly a bicycle, a car or a homeless dog appeared? How to proceed? Calling a child and screaming is useless, because the reaction of babies leaves much to be desired. The reins are able to cope with this task without harming the child or crippling him. The parent will simply stop the fugitive in time.

Another situation is also possible: the mother has several small children. One baby sleeps in his arms or sits in a stroller, the rest walk or run on the path on their own. How, then, to keep track of all of them? One picks up a dirty leaf of a tree and puts it in his mouth, the other rushes after the butterfly, the third sleeps in his arms, but mother is alone. In this case, a children's leash is an irreplaceable thing. It allows you to control the movements of fidgets, preventing trouble.

Leash for a child: pros and cons

There is an opinion that a children's leash is a completely useless and even harmful thing.Opponents of this invention believe that the reins restrict the child's freedom of movement, do not allow him to actively explore the world, and negatively affect the fragile child's psyche.

Perhaps this opinion still contains some grain of truth. For a child to walk confidently, he needs to learn to fall, "earn" the first bruises and bumps. Of course, there is a danger in this, but it is necessary for normal development. By protecting the child from falls, bruises, pain and other negative moments, parents can thereby harm their baby. After all, then there is a possibility that their child will grow up as a dependent person, avoiding difficult situations.

On the other hand, there are situations when the baby reins are really needed. For example, if the mother is pregnant, has several children, when an elderly person walks with the child, who is not able to keep track of the little fidget. Therefore, apparently, everything depends on the specific situation.

Whether to buy a children's leash and how often to use it - each parent decides for himself. After all, only parents know what is really best for their baby.

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