Flying With Children On An Airplane: How To Make It Comfortable

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Flying With Children On An Airplane: How To Make It Comfortable
Flying With Children On An Airplane: How To Make It Comfortable

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When it comes to traveling with a small child for the first time, parents have a lot of doubts, especially when it comes to air travel. At what age are babies allowed on the plane, what are the features of purchasing tickets for them, are there rules for the carriage of children's luggage, what documents are needed for the child, how does the flight affect children's health, what can and should be taken with you to the cabin?

flight with children
flight with children

For a comfortable and safe flight with children, of course, everything should be worked out in advance so as not to face unpleasant surprises later, including already on the plane.

How flying on an airplane affects children

Usually, pediatricians see no obstacles to air travel with children over 3 months old. In case of special need, it is considered possible to go on a flight with an infant who has reached the age of 4-6 weeks. Doctors motivate the restriction by the fact that during this period, the child is actively adapting to the external environment, and the flight will create an additional load for him, exposing him to the risk of meeting viruses and bacteria in the crowded closed space of the cabin. If the day of departure is approaching, and the child is feeling unwell (problems with ears, cough, intestinal upset, etc.), you should definitely consult a doctor.

In general, children of any age feel good in flight: babies mostly sleep (with a break for feeding), older children need to do something, taking care of a new car or doll, coloring, and a compact game. If the child is already able to understand some rules, it is worth telling him in advance how the flight will take place, what can be seen through the window, how to behave on the plane, what cannot be done. During the flight, you should communicate quietly and patiently with the child, answering all questions, so that his behavior is controlled and does not bother other passengers. If the flight is long, it will be useful for the baby to sleep.

What to take on the flight

Depending on the age of the child, it is necessary to find out in advance whether there will be a cradle for an infant on board the aircraft, what are the rules for transporting a stroller, what can be brought into the cabin as baby food.

On a flight, a child may need:

  • warm clothes or a blanket for children;
  • antipyretic, antihistamines;
  • stock of disposable diapers, diapers and wet wipes, travel pot;
  • lollipops (preferably on a stick) at the time of take-off and landing, so as not to obstruct the ears (the baby can be given a breast, a pacifier, or drink from a bottle).

If parents carefully study the rules of the air carrier regarding the conditions for traveling with a child, you can expect that the trip will be comfortable, because many airlines provide these passengers with a number of services, and knowing their list in advance, you can take care of what will be lacking in the flight.

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