The Best Car Seats For Children: An Overview Of Popular Models

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The Best Car Seats For Children: An Overview Of Popular Models
The Best Car Seats For Children: An Overview Of Popular Models

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Among the essentials purchased for newborns, there is always a child car seat. It will be needed already in the first days of a child's life - during the trip home from the hospital. Since not all children enjoy being in a fixed position in the car, it is not an easy task for parents to choose a car seat that meets both comfort and safety requirements. In addition, price plays an important role, because products in this category differ greatly in value.

The best car seats for children: an overview of popular models
The best car seats for children: an overview of popular models

The popularity of car seat models can be assessed on the websites of large online stores selling children's goods. Also, the Yandex Market service makes its rating based on remote sales, reviews and customer ratings. The models of car seats preferred by parents differ in different regions of the country, since in small cities the assortment in stores is more modest, and the delivery of an online order is associated with additional costs.

Child car seats category 0+ (up to 13 kg)


Many children start traveling in a car from the first days of life, for example, after being discharged from the hospital or for routine visits to doctors. For this period, you need a child car seat that provides a comfortable and secure fixation of a small passenger in a horizontal position. For ease of movement, most of these models are equipped with a handle so that parents can take the baby with them without taking it out of the chair.

As babies grow quickly, the infant carrier is used for 1-2 years. Models of category 0+ are designed mainly for weight up to 13 kg. Some parents do not see the point in spending money on an expensive group 0+ car seat, because it will still have to buy an older version to replace it. In the line of budget models of car seats (costing up to 5000 rubles), the following manufacturers are popular: Zlatek, Happy Baby, Lider Kids, Tizo.

The Zlatek Colibri car seat is one of the cheapest in its category. It weighs only 2.5 kg, has a protective hood, three-point straps, an adjustable carrying handle. Also, this model is equipped with an anatomical pillow and can be used as a rocking chair. According to buyers, Zlatek Colibri represents excellent value for money. Among the shortcomings in the reviews, the great depth of the car seat is noted, which is why the newborn baby cannot take a horizontal position. This problem is solved by using a pillow or folded blanket that is placed under the back of the child so that he does not fall through in the infant car seat. Also, children's stores sell special inserts for aligning the position of a small passenger.

The Lider Kids Voyage chair is another budget option (about 2000 rubles), installed with your back on any seat. If the child is going to drive in front, the airbag must be deactivated. This model has a soft insert for babies, a folding visor. The side protection of the Lider Kids Voyage car seat ensures the safety of the baby in case of minor shocks from the car. Among the disadvantages of this infant car seat, buyers name the inconvenient adjustment of seat belts, an unpleasant chemical smell of a new product.

The Tizo Start Basic car seat is equipped with all the necessary elements for the comfortable transportation of babies: a removable liner, side protection, seat belts, a visor, a carrying handle. The weight of this model is 3 kg, the price is one of the most budgetary in its segment (from 2000 rubles)

The Happy Baby Skyler V2 car seat is slightly more expensive than the three previous options (about 3500 rubles). Its distinctive feature is its elegant design and a soft anatomical liner that provides additional comfort for the little passenger.

Among the more expensive models, there is no equal in popularity to the Maxi-Cosi car seats. Their safety and reliability have been confirmed by the successful passing of crash tests, in which the protective functions of the seats are evaluated in various collisions. In Russia, most often they buy the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix (11,000 rubles) and Maxi-Cosi Pebble (about 17,000 rubles). The Maxi-Cosi Pebble model is more modern, compatible with several strollers, has depth adjustment, and can be attached to the car using a special base.

Car seats group 0/1 (up to 18 kg) and 0/1/2 (up to 25 kg)


These car seats are designed for children from birth up to 3-4 years old. They have a tilt adjustment and a soft liner for babies. As a rule, they are mounted on a special base. In infancy, the child is transported in the rearward direction, and from about 9 months, the car seat can be installed facing forward.

Among budget car seats in this category, buyers prefer Rant Pilot, Rant Star, Nania Cosmo SP First, Nania Driver, Siger Nautilus Isofix, Zlatek Galleon. All of these models have a weight of 5, 5 to 7 kg, 3-5 positions of the backrest tilt, removable covers. The Siger Nautilus Isofix car seat is equipped with the Isofix fastening system, which is used for quick fixation and easy removal from the vehicle interior. Model Nania Driver participated in a crash test in 2013 and received a score of 2.0 on a five-point scale.

Slightly less often this group buys the Chicco Cosmos, Peg-Perego Viaggio, Capella ST, Sybex Sirona models. They are more expensive, heavier, but at the same time marked with high marks in crash tests.

A huge selection of modern car seats allows you to immediately buy such models that will serve to transport your child from birth to school. The popularity rating in this category is topped by the Happy Baby Passenger V2 armchair of the domestic manufacturer. It is lightweight (5.4 kg), allows 4 tilt positions, is equipped with a soft liner for newborns, and has a removable cover. It is installed in the direction of travel, when the child begins to sit. The undoubted advantage of the Happy Baby Passenger V2 car seat is its affordable price (about 7000 rubles), which fully pays off due to long-term operation.

Child car seats group 1 (9-18 kg) and 1/2 (9-25 kg)


For children aged 4 months to 4 years, comfortable sleep and sitting are important when traveling by car. In the premium segment, Russian parents, most often, opt for Maxi-Cosi armchairs:

  • Maxi-Cosi Tobi (from 14,000 rubles);
  • Maxi-Cosi Priori SPS (from 11,000 rubles);
  • Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl (from 17,000 rubles).

The models of this manufacturer are marked with high crash test scores, are reliable, comfortable, and have a beautiful design. The Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl car seat can be installed forward or backward and has an Isofix fastening system, which confirms the correct installation by color and sound signals.

Among the inexpensive models designed for children from 9 to 18 kg, buyers prefer Liko Baby LB-301B. This car seat is lightweight (4.5 kg), equipped with an adjustable armrest, has three backrest positions. Installed in the direction of travel, completed with an anatomical insert.

The Siger Cocoon model of a domestic manufacturer of children's goods is very popular with parents. The car seat is suitable for small passengers from 1 to 7 years old (weighing 9-25 kg). He has a reasonable price (about 5000 rubles), the option with the Isofix installation system is slightly more expensive. Customers highly appreciate the reliability of the fastening system, a wide range of tilt adjustment (6 positions), and high-quality performance. However, many note the difficulty of installation and the problem of twisting belts.

Car seats category 1/2/3 (9-36 kg) and 2/3 (15-36 kg)


Many parents immediately purchase a universal seat for children who have grown out of infant car seats, which will last from a year to 10-12 years. Such a choice, of course, is practical and allows you to solve the problem of child movement for many years.

Among budget models from 9 to 36 kg, Russian car seats Mishutka, Zlatek Atlantic, Siger Cosmo are popular among buyers. They are installed in the direction of travel, transform into a booster, meet the requirements of European safety standards. Also, these chairs are comfortable, lightweight, easy to clean.

Chicco Youniverse is a more expensive model (from 13,000 rubles), which in 2018 received 2, 7 points according to the results of a crash test. Has a wide range of settings for each child, carrying handle, anatomical insert. Customers also love the design and ergonomics of the car seat. The Chicco Youniverse Fix version is equipped with the Isofix fastening system.

They regularly participate in crash tests and receive high marks for the armchairs of the German brand Cybex. The Cybex Pallas model is interesting in that, instead of the usual seat belts, it is equipped with a protective table that effectively distributes the impact force in a frontal collision. Constructive and design elements of the chair are made at the highest level. In the Cybex Pallas M-Fix version, the Isofix mount is provided. The only significant drawback of this model is the high price (from 11,000 rubles.)

The Sweet Baby Gran Cruiser car seat belongs to the middle price category, its cost is about 5,000 rubles. This is one of the cheapest options with the Isofix fastening system. The rest of the model is pretty standard, with a set of all the necessary functions.

Group 2/3 car seats are designed for children 3-12 years old with a body weight of 15 to 36 kg. For this age category, a wide back and seat, the ability to transform into a booster, and individual adjustment for the child's height are important. The following models occupy the leading positions in the popularity rating:

  • Britax Romer Kid II (about 8000 rubles);
  • Heyner MaxiProtect Aero (from 7000 rubles);
  • Peg-Perego Viaggio 2-3 Surefix (from 10,000 rubles);
  • Nania Befix SP (about 3000 rub.)

The choice of child car seats is so huge that each manufacturer has the best models for one or another parameter - price, quality of performance, safety, durability. Of course, expensive chairs have almost no drawbacks, except for the price. Therefore, those who want to save money are forced to search for a good car seat. Thanks to video reviews and reviews from other buyers, you can find a decent option without overpaying for a brand or unnecessary features.

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