How To Help Your Child Learn A Poem

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How To Help Your Child Learn A Poem
How To Help Your Child Learn A Poem

Video: How To Help Your Child Learn A Poem

Video: How To Help Your Child Learn A Poem
Video: How to Help Your Child Learn a Poem 2023, December

Children begin to get acquainted with poetry from an early age. First, they hear verse lines from the lips of the mother, later - in kindergarten. In the process of schooling, children begin to read and memorize poetry on their own. However, in any case, they will need the help of an adult.

Teach children to memorize a poem correctly
Teach children to memorize a poem correctly

Clarity of content

Start by reading the poem with your child. Let him highlight those words whose meaning he does not understand. Explain to him what this or that word, phrase, phrase means.

Sometimes the meaning of a poetic work is incomprehensible to a child, the plot described is difficult for him to understand. Retell the verse in your own words, explaining the confusing points. Ask your child to repeat what he or she understands.

In verses, words that have a foreign origin, such as English, can be used. Together find the translation of these words, clarify their meaning specifically in this poem.

Such translations will contribute to a deeper knowledge of a foreign language. In addition, this way he will become familiar with new words.


Break the poem into meaningful parts. You can sketch out a plan that will reflect the sequence of the parts. Come up with a title for each part based on its content. This will make it easier for the child to remember the entire work.

Invite your child to repeat one part until he remembers it. Then you can move on to repeating the next part of the verse. In case of difficulty, prompt the child to the first word of each line.

Gradually, the child should repeat in several parts until he has learned the whole poem. In this case, the sequence of parts of the verse will be built more logically for him.

Agree with your child that you will take turns repeating the lines. For example, you tell the first two lines, the child the third and fourth. Then switch the order.

Types of memory

Print the pieces of the poem on sheets of paper. Use large, legible print when printing. Hang these sheets in prominent places in your apartment. So the child will involuntarily see the lines and gradually memorize them, using visual memory.

To activate auditory memory, you can record a reading of a poem on a voice recorder. In a free minute, invite your child to listen to the recording. It will also help you memorize the poem.

If your child cannot quickly learn lines of poetry, advise him to write it. In this case, it will be better if the child begins to write with a pen in a notebook or sheet, without resorting to using the computer keyboard. This is how the mechanical memory starts to work. Having written all the lines, the child will better remember their sequence.