What Doctors Need To Go Through For Kindergarten

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What Doctors Need To Go Through For Kindergarten
What Doctors Need To Go Through For Kindergarten

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Preparing for kindergarten takes a lot of time and effort - for both the child and the parents. Therefore, it is worthwhile to worry in advance about going through all the necessary doctors.

What doctors need to go through for kindergarten
What doctors need to go through for kindergarten

The list of doctors to whom you will have to go during the commission

A list of specialists who need to go before kindergarten can be obtained at the regular clinic to which the child is assigned. The district pediatrician will issue a special card of the established sample, in which all doctors will have to put a seal indicating that no diseases or pathologies related to their field have been found in the child.

Children usually go to kindergarten from September 1, so the card should be prepared by mid-August - checking all the data and the last printing can take from a week to two, and sometimes even more, because the number of children during this period is large.

Children who are not registered with any specialist and do not suffer from chronic diseases usually need to see the following doctors:

- optometrist, - surgeon, - neuropathologist, - speech therapist, - ENT, - dentist, - teacher-psychologist

- gynecologist - for girls.

Sometimes the list can change - depending on the age and area where the child lives. For example, in some Russian cities over the past few years, children undergoing a commission in front of the kindergarten may be referred to a phthisiatrician. Also, it is necessary to sign up to this specialist for those children who have had problems with the Mantoux test.

In addition to visiting specialists, the child will need to pass a number of tests. It is better to check with your local doctor in advance when you need to do this. Otherwise, if, for example, more than a month has passed after a general blood test, a second one may be required. Based on the results of laboratory tests, the doctor will assess the general health of the baby, the level of hemoglobin, as well as some other data. If something is wrong, for example, a slight anemia is revealed, you will have to undergo a course of treatment and then take the test again.

If the child is registered with a specialist (for example, an orthopedist or infectious disease specialist), his consultation will also be required as part of a medical examination for a kindergarten.

Unfortunately, in many Russian hospitals before the start of the new academic year, a real excitement begins - it is difficult even to look at how children and parents have to wait in line for quite a long time … Therefore, more and more families resort to the services of paid clinics and laboratories, where for a relatively small fee sometimes you can get detailed advice from a specialist and the desired mark on the map. Parents have the right to pass the commission for the kindergarten anywhere, the main thing is that the seal of this or that doctor is put in the required column of the special card, and a corresponding entry appears in the baby's outpatient card.

Is it possible to pass a commission in paid clinics?

More and more often you can see how one or another medical center offers complex services - go through several specialists in one day, as well as pass all the necessary tests, so the passage of a medical examination can be significantly simplified. It remains only to recommend to parents who decide to do it for a fee, first visit the district clinic (after all, it is there that the last decisive seal in the child's card will be put in the end) in order to clarify the full list of specialists who need to go through.

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