How To Instill In Your Teenager A Love Of Reading

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How To Instill In Your Teenager A Love Of Reading
How To Instill In Your Teenager A Love Of Reading

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Many parents now complain that their teenage children do not want to read books. The abundance of children's programs on television, the Internet, computer games - all this played a negative role. Information is given there in an easy way. And reading requires some energy consumption, tension. How can parents instill in their children a love of reading?

How to instill in your teenager a love of reading
How to instill in your teenager a love of reading

Features of the development of children in adolescence

In children in early adolescence (9-11 years), the leading activity is learning. This is the most cognitive age. Learning to read will be easier than at a later age.

At the age of 12-15, motivation in children is no longer cognitive. Communication is the leading activity. At this age, children begin to study worse, lose interest in learning. If the child's development is going well, then the book he prefers communication with peers. Many works of the school curriculum are complex and not interesting for children. By themselves, these works are wonderful, but you only understand them with age. This does not contribute to the development of the child's interest in reading.

How to instill a love of reading in your teenager

To instill a love of reading in your teenager, you must lead by example. Any words will be powerless if you yourself, having come home from work, sit in front of the TV. Conversely, if a teenager often sees parents reading a book, enthusiastically discussing works, no additional stimulus may be required at all.

Determine what interests the child. If a boy is interested in computers, pick up books about computer worlds, if he is interested in science fiction, put in a prominent place, as if by chance, a book by American science fiction writer Alan Dean Foster, based on whose works the films "Star Wars" and "Aliens" were made.

Read with your teenager. Reading before bed, even if the child is already an adult, will help build relationships and give you both great pleasure.

You can read the roles of some humorous work with a lot of dialogues.

Play Guess, for example, read a detective story with a teenager, stop at the most interesting place, try to guess the outcome. You read and find out who won. You can assign a prize.

Reward reading. Agree with your child about additional privileges for a certain amount of text read by him every day. This can be extra time at the computer, going to the cinema on weekends, etc.

Take your child to the bookstore. Children love to shop. Make it a tradition. Let the child choose a book for himself.

Visit the library, study the new items that appear there. Libraries often hold contests and quizzes.

Use audiobooks, e-books.

Try to keep your child engaged by keeping a reading diary. You can write down the phrases you like from the book, draw pictures, paste printed pictures, stickers into it.

Advise your teenager about books from your childhood, share your childhood impressions of the books you read.

Allow your child to read in bed. Tell him he should go to bed or he can read. Children usually choose to read.

Do not force your teenager to finish reading a book to the end if it becomes uninteresting to him.

You can captivate your child with interesting facts from the life of writers.

Give your child books with a dedication, good wishes. In a few years, it will become a happy reminder of your home and loved ones.

Never force a child to read. This will discourage your interest in reading in general. Your unconditional love, participation and patience will help instill an interest in reading in your teenager!

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