How To Raise A Naughty Child

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How To Raise A Naughty Child
How To Raise A Naughty Child

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All parents know that every child can be capricious, even the most quiet and educated one. For example, if your baby is hungry, sleepy, tired, or sick. But in fact, all these reasons are only superficial, and real whims hide much more serious reasons. The "root" lies in the family in which the child is being raised. In order to properly educate a capricious person, it is necessary to understand where the parents are mistaken, to which the baby responds with whims, and, as a result, to ensure that both parties are happy.

How to raise a naughty child
How to raise a naughty child

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Step 1

Do not forbid the child everything. Of course, he must know and understand the word "no". But there should be only a few of these "mustn'ts", the most necessary. If a child is constantly forbidden, he will eventually start protesting and doing the opposite on purpose. Prohibit what is really dangerous for him, his health and life.

Step 2

Do not allow your child to do everything. Many people know the Japanese model of parenting, in which a child is allowed everything up to a certain age. But the child must know what is allowed and what is not. Since he is a member of society, a child from childhood must take into account the opinions and feelings of other people. Otherwise, the child may grow up to be an egoist.

Step 3

Maintain harmony in your family relationships. Very often, a child's whims are a reflection of the family environment. The kid grows up in an environment of constant abuse and quarrels, naturally, his psyche suffers from this. At the very least, try not to quarrel or sort things out in the presence of the child.

Step 4

Try to hear your child. Try to understand what the child wants to convey to you, being capricious. Perhaps there is something more serious behind the whims. For example, a serious illness of the nervous system. Observe the state of the child even after the whims are over. It is possible that you should visit a doctor.

Step 5

Teach your child to express their feelings verbally, without resorting to whims and screams. Your own example will serve well for this. Frequently try to talk about how you are feeling in front of your child. You can organize a theater with the participation of your child's favorite toys, which will tell each other about their feelings and how to behave in society. As a rule, children often listen to the advice of their toy friends.

Step 6

Discuss a common educational method with family and friends. That is, if one of the family members prohibits the child, then the rest should also prohibit it. Very often, children are capricious, if, for example, mom forbids something to the child, and dad allows the same thing.

Step 7

If the child is capricious in a public place, and it was not possible to calm him down, calmly take the baby in your arms and go somewhere less crowded. Talk to your child calmly. Let him speak up and calm down. Explain that you understand his feelings, but now you cannot give him what he wants (for example, if a tantrum is arranged about a new toy from the store).

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