How To Raise A Left-handed Child

How To Raise A Left-handed Child
How To Raise A Left-handed Child
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For some reason, in our country there is a certain prejudice against those people who do everything with their left hand. Perhaps this is the legacy of the USSR, when left-handed children were forcibly retrained to write with their right hand. But is it good for the child?

How to raise a left-handed child
How to raise a left-handed child

What is the reason for left-handedness?

Sometimes this is congenital, but often it manifests itself already at the age when the baby begins to talk, is aware of himself and the world around him, that is, when the left hemisphere is actively working. At 3 years old, a child can suddenly take a spoon with his left hand, thereby initiating a completely different life.

Lefties are more emotional, gifted, sensitive. Talented artists and musicians often grow out of such children. They are more determined, tenacious, and persistent. This will probably help them find a place in life.

Why is “retraining” harmful?

In the USSR, left-handed children were retrained by violent methods: the left hand was tied to the body, the children were beaten and scolded. There was also psychological pressure when they were told every day that they were flawed. The result is huge psychological trauma, allergies, stuttering, and more. Such methods are not used today. Your task is to demonstrate to the child that he is special.

Advice to parents.

Consider the increased emotionality of a left-handed child, be friendly with him.

It is better to bypass the emerging conflicts, not to pressure or punish.

You can not oppose a left-handed child to right-handed children. It is better to accept this feature as normal.

Be sure to praise your child for success and achievements.

If your child has conflicts at school, help him find a way out.

Support him.

It is impossible for a child to think that he is flawed. Show how much you love him.

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