How To Quickly Raise An Obedient Child

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How To Quickly Raise An Obedient Child
How To Quickly Raise An Obedient Child
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It's no secret that children sometimes bring us, in addition to joy and happiness, other emotions. But you really want your beloved child to quickly and easily turn into an obedient and independent person. The main thing in this matter is never to despair, to pay attention to the child. And, of course, there are some little tricks.



Step 1

Sometimes children cheat on their parents or kindergarten caregivers. As a little trick, you can convince your child that when they lie, their ears turn red. Many children then either stop telling lies deliberately, or cover their ears when they are going to lie to you.

Step 2

Often, parents force their children to eat fresh vegetables and fruits literally by force. Try simply leaving the plate of clean vegetables on the table or somewhere where your child can easily reach them. Perhaps not immediately, but interest in vegetables will gradually wake up. If you add your example to everything, the addiction to vegetables will happen faster.

Step 3

If children interfere with cleaning, try to teach them more persistently. There will be at least two ways out of the situation. More often than not, children will gradually begin to help with cleaning, but it is also possible that they will begin to hide from you and cleaning, allowing you to calmly clean everything up.

Step 4

Try to make a race or competition out of everything. Often dressing can be done for speed or to compete, who will climb the stairs faster. The main thing is to remember to let your child win.

Step 5

When the child is hiding and does not want to go out, try opening his favorite candy or chocolate bar, the main thing is to do it as loudly as possible. You can also use any of his favorite sweets. Or start reading his favorite book and shut up at the most interesting place, with the words "what are the pictures here." And most importantly - try to interest and pay attention to the child, and then he will reach out to you.

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