How To Play With Children In Kindergarten

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How To Play With Children In Kindergarten
How To Play With Children In Kindergarten
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Play is an engaging activity for a child of all ages. With the help of the game, you can entertain, distract, develop cognitive processes, instill moral norms and rules. The kindergarten teacher uses play in various situations, teaches children to play roles, plays with them himself in a leading role or as a director, organizer.

How to play with children in kindergarten
How to play with children in kindergarten

It is necessary

Toys, masks, costumes, children's musical instruments, sports supplies


Step 1

When entering a kindergarten, in a group of young children, the teacher can use a toy as a distraction of the child from experiences: show a wind-up toy or musical, unusual, bright and attractive-looking. Demonstrate what you can do with it and pass it on to your child to play with.

Step 2

During the day, the group organizes round dance games in which the children all perform the same movements together. In this case, one, the most active child, can play the role of a leading character. For example, in the game “Zainka, dance! Gray, dance!”, All the children stand in a circle, and in the center the child performs dance moves or jumps.

Step 3

Stress relief games are conducted under the guidance of an adult. A child who is not yet accustomed to kindergarten and is experiencing discomfort in the team lies down on the rug and curls up like a little kitten. All other children take turns coming up to him, stroking and saying affectionate words. If they find it difficult to find words, the teacher suggests: "Soft, fluffy, affectionate, beloved, good and similar words"

Step 4

Middle-aged children (4-5 years old) in their free time are very fond of playing board educational games, training their cognitive skills, speech. All kinds of lotto train the ability to classify objects, paired pictures - memory, games-adventure games with a cube - counting, sequence, orientation in space.

Step 5

Older children (5-6 years old) play role-playing games, first in pairs, playing the roles of "seller-buyer", "doctor-patient", "daughter-mother", and then in small groups. The task of an adult: to suggest the plot of the game, what roles can be played by children, if there are many who want to play, to show how to play (treat, sell, feed, drive in an improvised car, etc.). Encourages creative play.

Step 6

Staging games are most popular among children 5-7 years old. Children play roles according to a certain plot, which they invented independently or based on a literary work. A kindergarten teacher can teach children how to play such roles: walk like a grandfather; speak in the voice of a sly fox; walk like a big bear. In other words, children play theater and show performances to other younger children. At the same time, children are very fond of dressing up in beautiful costumes.

Step 7

Sports games-competitions have strict rules, so the instructor or teacher first acquaints children with the instructions, rules of the game and requires their strict implementation. Before children begin to play such games on their own, the teacher checks the quality of learning the rules.

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