How To Make A Slime With A Child At Home

How To Make A Slime With A Child At Home
How To Make A Slime With A Child At Home

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Making toys at home is a very important process, firstly, it brings adults and children closer together, and secondly, this joint work contributes to the development of the child. What is a slime for? This is a very useful toy. It develops both the motor skills of the fingers and the vestibular apparatus, in addition, the slime will bring a lot of positive emotions to your baby.

How to make a slime with a child at home
How to make a slime with a child at home

Slime can be multi-colored, multi-shaped, and in general, it will be the way you or your child want to see it. Slime is a kind of elastic ball, when in contact with a hard surface, it loses its shape. And then he gets it again. Lizuna can be easily bought in any store for very little money.

But since we decided at home, then we will do it at home! To make a slime, we need polyvinyl alcohol and borax. The latter is a powder of crystals, it can be bought at any pharmacy.

Pour the alcohol into a saucepan and put on fire, preferably on medium. We heat the alcohol for 45 minutes, while constantly stirring it, otherwise you will be tortured to wash the pan. After the pot of alcohol has been removed from the heat, we start working with the borax.

We take 2-3 tablespoons of borax in a glass of water. Dissolve in warm water. Mix thoroughly until smooth. Sometimes it happens that a precipitate falls out - you should not despair, you just need to strain the borax with water. All sediment will disappear. Borax should dissolve within 20-25 minutes. Now we combine two components: borax (dissolved in water) and alcohol.

In order for the slime to begin to smell pleasantly, you need to add essential oil. In order for the slime to get color, it is necessary to add food coloring. And literally in a couple of hours you can give the received toy to your baby.

The product you received is completely non-toxic. The only pity is that the slime is not durable, it will only serve you for about one week. But, knowing how to make a slime, you can make yourself a new one at any time. It's so easy to make a slime. It is not necessary to give the whole process into the hands of the child, chemical elements (especially heated ones) can bring unpleasant consequences for the baby. By the way, such a slime is identical to the store one.

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