How To Entertain A 3 Month Old Baby

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How To Entertain A 3 Month Old Baby
How To Entertain A 3 Month Old Baby

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By the age of 3 months, the child becomes more mobile, he has the first conscious movements, the muscles become stronger. The baby is already able to independently hold the head, and lying on the tummy, the baby is able to lean on the forearms. At 3 months old, the baby begins to realize that he has handles, so he tries to push and grab the rattles. The kid begins to demand more communication, smiles, walks. The baby is even able to entertain himself for a while, but not for long, so mothers have to figure out how to entertain a three-month-old baby.

How to entertain a 3 month old baby
How to entertain a 3 month old baby


Step 1

At 3 months old, children are very interested in knocking with their hands and feet on various objects. Therefore, you can safely hang the rattles so that the baby can reach them. It is advisable to constantly change such rattles, since the same one can quickly get bored with the baby. Or you can even make your own rattle! To do this, it is enough to stretch an elastic band through the bed and hang various toys on it. You can also cut a circle out of cardboard and draw a face on it (or you can simply cut a face out of a magazine and glue it onto a cardboard circle) and hang this circle on the same elastic band.

Step 2

Sing songs to your child, read fairy tales, tell interesting nursery rhymes and nursery rhymes. In this case, you can try to call the baby by name. To do this, when telling a rhyme or a nursery rhyme, replace words such as "baby", "baby", "baby", etc. in it. in the name of the child.

Step 3

At three months, a child is able to hold a variety of objects in his hands. Therefore, let him hold the rattles, but remember that they must correspond to the age of the baby, i.e. be light enough and not have sharp corners. Another original way to entertain a three-month-old baby is to sew small balls for him from a variety of materials and stuff them with cotton wool. You can make such balls from velvet, satin, corduroy, wool, silk, artificial fur, etc.

Step 4

How else can you entertain a child who is 3 months old? You can play peek-a-boo with him, you can blow bubbles, you can watch pets, you can play classical music for your kid, or special music for kids. Also, if possible, take your child for a walk every day, give him a special baby massage, let the baby swim in the bathroom, using a special children's circle that is worn around the neck.

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