How To Build A Snow Slide

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How To Build A Snow Slide
How To Build A Snow Slide

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных

Going downhill in winter is an ancient tradition in Russia. In ancient times, such entertainment had a special meaning. People believed that roller coaster riding could awaken vitality. A really swift descent from a snow slide is breathtaking, it gives fun and the child gets a significant boost of vivacity.

There will be a snow slide
There will be a snow slide

It is necessary

  • water,
  • watering can,
  • board,
  • shovel,
  • gloves.


Step 1

For preschool children, the height of the snow slide should be 1m. For younger students - 1, 5m. Do not make the slope of the descent more than 40 degrees. A large descent angle is traumatic.

Step 2

For the construction of a snow slide, pay special attention to the choice of location. It should be safe for children - well lit and the exit from the mountain should not be directed towards the road.

Step 3

At the chosen place, start storing snow for the slide. After that, the base must be carefully tamped and given the desired shape. It is imperative to provide sides and steps for the slide - they need to be made from wet snow. The resulting base should settle for two days.

Step 4

Wait for a frosty day with a temperature of minus 20 degrees and start pouring the base. Pour water from a watering can, not a bucket. It will take a lot of water, but such a slide will last all winter.

Step 5

Stir the snow and water in a bucket until a mushy thick mass is formed. Put on rubber gloves on top of warm gloves and start sealing the holes formed after watering.

Step 6

After filling the holes, coat the entire hill with snow porridge. Let the resulting structure freeze.

Step 7

Cook the snow porridge again and put it on a slide. Now level the surface of the slide with a smooth board. Let each layer harden periodically.

Step 8

Pay particular attention to the smoothness of the rollout from the mountain. The transition from the top to the end of the descent should be smooth. Therefore, carefully, periodically watering, manually smooth out all the irregularities.

Step 9

To make the children roll as far as possible, make the final part of the descent from the snow porridge. Smooth it out well.

Step 10

Before the final stage of construction, it is necessary for the slide to settle overnight. Next, fill the slide with water. Fill in cold weather, preferably at night.

Step 11

The main advantage of the snow slide is the minimum cost and the ability to participate in the construction of the facility for children. The guys are always happy to take part in the construction of the slide.

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