How To Make A Craft From Autumn Leaves

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How To Make A Craft From Autumn Leaves
How To Make A Craft From Autumn Leaves

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The most beautiful and romantic in autumn is autumn leaves, yellow, red, orange, burgundy, unlike one another. You can preserve this vivid impression of autumn in crafts.

How to make a craft from autumn leaves
How to make a craft from autumn leaves

It is necessary

autumn leaves of different shapes, sizes and colors, a sheet of cardboard, glue, gouache, brushes


Step 1

Collect many colorful autumn leaves of various trees in the park or near the house. The leaves should be different in size, beautiful in shape. At home, wash those leaves that are heavily soiled and let them dry.

Step 2

Dry the leaves. This can be done by wrapping them in newspaper sheets and placing a load on top, for example, a stack of books. Or iron the leaves wrapped in newsprint with a warm iron.

Step 3

Consider the leaves: how they fit together. Think about what you can lay out with them, what paints are suitable for the background and complement the craft. Surely interesting ideas will come to you, because the beauty of autumn inspires, and many compositions can be laid out from the leaves of different trees.

Step 4

Prepare the basis for your future craft - cardboard. You can paint it with gouache, depending on the plot that you want to display in the craft. Apply gouache with a brush, after blending the paints on the palette. This is necessary not only to mix the colors to obtain the desired shade, but also so that the paint layer is not too thick.

Step 5

When the paper is dry, lay out an applique from the leaves: a landscape, animals, fish, birds or still life - it all depends on your imagination. Pick up leaves of different shapes and sizes, arrange them in the desired sequence on the sheet, correct the resulting pattern by replacing some of the leaves. Eyes, small details can be laid out with blades of grass or seeds.

Step 6

Now that the picture is fully formed, you can start gluing the leaves. Gently scoop some glue onto the brush. Apply the glue with a brush to the cardboard, attach a sheet of paper on top and, using light pressure, press with your fingers.

Step 7

After the glue has dried, you can add a few strokes of gouache to the craft: add details or paint on the leaves themselves. Such a picture can be designed as a greeting card or placed in a frame.

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