How To Sew A Dog Toy

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How To Sew A Dog Toy
How To Sew A Dog Toy

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Sewing soft toys is a very exciting and rewarding hobby for both children and adults. In this case, you can show your imagination and create toys that your child will play with pleasure, or give them to the people you are closest to and dearest to. Hand-sewn soft toys can also be a great decoration for your home.

How to sew a dog toy
How to sew a dog toy


Step 1

The dog can be sewn from a wide variety of materials, pieces of fur, drape, cloth and even cotton fabrics will do. Choose the color that you want, because the toy dog ​​can be blue, pink, and polka dots, but at least gray-brown-raspberry speckled.

Step 2

Transfer the pattern to the paper and cut out the details. Lay them on the wrong side of the fabric and cut out two parts of the torso, one part of the chin, one part of the forehead, two parts of the ears. Cut out two parts of the abdomen from a lighter shade of fabric. And from the drape there are four parts of the foot and two parts of the ears. Cut out a tongue detail from the red fabric. Cut out the parts, leaving 0.5mm for seam allowances.

Step 3

Now start sewing the dog. First, grind the forehead detail to the body (line a-b). If the parts are small, then it is more convenient to do it manually with a buttonhole seam, and if the parts are rather large and the fabric is thin, then use a sewing machine. Then stitch the chin in the same way (line c-d). Stitch the details of the abdomen, leaving the hole unsewn along the line d-e. Sew the belly to the details of the torso along the legs, aligning the points x and xx, and leave the lower sections of the legs open. Sew the parts of the feet by hand to the open edges of the paws.

Step 4

Now grind the remaining parts of the body (lines a-c, x-d, b-xx). Turn through the open hole in the abdomen to the right side. Stuff the dog with any filler, it can be synthetic winterizer or cotton wool. If you use cotton wool, then in order to make the toy softer, it should be slightly gutted. After you have filled your torso tightly with filler, sew up the hole in the abdomen with a blind seam. The body of the dog is ready.

Step 5

Sew together the details of the ears (one of the main fabric and one of the drape), leaving the hole unsewn at the bottom so that through it you can turn it out to the front side. Turn the ears out and sew the holes with blind stitches, and then sew them on to the head.

Step 6

Sew the details of the tongue, turn out to the right side and sew with a blind seam, sew a button on the tip of the nose or embroider with black thread. Make eyes from round buttons, cut out of pieces of leather or embroider with white and black threads.

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