How To Sew A Hare Toy

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How To Sew A Hare Toy
How To Sew A Hare Toy

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: DIY Rabbit (hare) Soft toy + pattern 2023, January

The child will really like this soft toy-bunny. I just want to stroke him. In a bright overalls, the bunny is very beautiful, legs and ears are in tune with the hare's outfit. Such a toy will be a good birthday present for a boy or girl if you choose a blue or pink color for the performance of a hare's jumpsuit.

How to sew a hare toy
How to sew a hare toy

It is necessary

  • - shaggy fabric of golden yellow color;
  • - fleece pink / blue;
  • - synthetic winterizer;
  • - large granulate;
  • - two eyes Ø 8 mm;
  • - black floss thread;
  • - sewing threads;
  • - paper for patterns;
  • - thin wire;
  • - ticks.


Step 1

Cut out the details of the toy, increasing the details of the pattern by 200%. Fold the shaggy head pieces right sides together and sew together from nose to neck. Sew in the middle part of the head with the right side between the two one-piece pieces.

Step 2

Use fleece for the inside of the ears, and shaggy fabric for the outside. Sew right-side up and leave bottom edges unstitched. Insert the wire straight into your ears so you can shape them any way you want. Machine stitch in the middle of each ear, sewing both sides together.

Step 3

The lower halves of the legs (shoes), cut out of shaggy fabric, fold with the right sides and sew in the front in the middle. Sew in fleece soles. Twist your leg out. Fold and sew the shaggy pieces of the arms lengthwise, leaving the bottom edges unstitched. Then turn it out.

Step 4

Fold the fleece front and stitch from mark “1” to mark “2”. Sew on the back halves of the legs, folding right sides to the back, aligning the marks “3”. Before fold with the back with the front and sew the areas with the marks "4", "5", "6". Stitch along the inside of your legs. After processing the edges of the arms and tucking them up, hem.

Step 5

Fill with padding polyester head, hands and sew. Stuff the lower parts of the legs, sew them to the bottom of the trousers, which, in turn, need to be gathered. Fill the body with padding polyester, and the legs with granulate. Put your hands with the sewn-on head in the armholes of the body. Gather up the top edge of the jumpsuit, tuck it up and sew on the head. Sew into the armholes of the torso of the arm.

Step 6

Run a thread around the edge of the circle, gather a tail on it. Fill it with padding polyester and tighten. Sew on the ponytail. Insert the ears 1 cm deep into the head and sew.

Step 7

Use a pin to mark the location of the eyes. Pull a strong thread through the eyelet and pinch it with pliers. Insert the ends of the thread into the needle and pierce the place marked with the pin. Fix the second eye in the same way. Make knots at all ends of the threads.

Step 8

Embroider the nose with a floss. From the fleece chosen to match the jumpsuit, ears and feet of the hare, sew a scarf and tie it around the neck of the hare.

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