What Kind Of Music To Put On A Children's Disco

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What Kind Of Music To Put On A Children's Disco
What Kind Of Music To Put On A Children's Disco

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What is a children's party without a fiery disco? It is not easy to find dance music for children, because it is different for every age. Kids love music from famous cartoons, and for older kids it is better to choose something dynamic.

What kind of music to put on a children's disco
What kind of music to put on a children's disco

How to prepare for a children's disco

Consider the design of the dance floor. In addition to balloons, streamer and confetti, you can add light music, an apparatus with soap bubbles or foam.

Dance holidays can be timed to coincide with one of the calendar holidays, for example, Halloween. Children's disco should take place in a spacious and well-ventilated area. Chairs, tables and other furniture should be pushed against the wall, freeing up space in the middle of the room. Sound equipment should be located three meters from the dance floor. The sound level of musical equipment should be comfortable for children: not too quiet and not very loud. It should be noted that the louder the music, the more excited the children are. For kids, it is better to invite an animator who will hold contests and learn funny dances with children, and encourage modest children to dance. For older kids, this work can be done by a DJ who will accompany the disco with funny comments and support the cheerful mood of the holiday.

Disco for toddlers

Boys and girls aged 3 to 7 will be interested in music from their favorite modern cartoons "Masha and the Bear", "Smeshariki", "Fixies", "Barboskins". It will be fun for kids to play games and contests while singing songs. And you can also learn a simple dance to the song "Bibika" from the repertoire of the group "Street Magic" or "What is Kindness" by the group "Lelik and Barbariki". The Soviet children's songs "Dance of little ducklings", "Chunga-changa" and "Buratino" will not go out of fashion and will always be liked by children.

Disco for younger students

For children who have already gone to school, children's songs are no longer so interesting. They should choose songs that are more dynamic. To start the disco, the following compositions are suitable: Los del Rio "Macarena", Zhanna Friske and Disco Crash "Malinki", the song "Catch the Rhythm" from the movie "Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin Serpent". After warming up, you can hold dance competitions, such as "Merry dressing up", "Dancing on one leg", "Come up with a clip". For Halloween, you can prepare a Harry Potter soundtrack and hold a contest for the best wizard costume.

Finding suggested music is easy. You can search for these songs on the Vkontakte social network.

The following songs are suitable for these contests: "I like to movie" from the cartoon "Madagascar", a splash from the "Benny Hill Show" program, a song by the "Kraski" group called "Orange Sun". After the contests, you can play slow music by a performer named Loona and the song “Hijo de la Luna” and encourage the boys to invite the girls. The energetic mood until the end of the disco will be supported by such music as DJ Jim “City of Green”, DJ Boyko “I Have a Fork”, Potap and Nastya Kamenskikh “Everything in a bundle”.

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