How To Take Care Of A Child

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How To Take Care Of A Child
How To Take Care Of A Child
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Guardianship (guardianship) is a form of placement of children who are left without parental care, as well as orphans for the purpose of their maintenance, education and upbringing, to protect their interests and rights. Guardianship can be established over a child under the age of 14 years, and guardianship is established over children from 14 to 18 years old.

How to take care of a child
How to take care of a child


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When deciding to take a child left without parents into your family, weigh all the pros and cons of such a responsible step. After all, children who find themselves in such a situation, as a rule, have a difficult past. Think about whether you will be able to accept and love someone else's baby with its flaws and merits, as if it were your own. Remember, your choice must be deliberate and responsible.

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To obtain all necessary permits, apply for the appropriate content to your local guardianship and guardianship authority. There you can find out a complete list of documents that will be needed for registration of guardianship. In addition to the statement and autobiography, as a rule, it includes: a certificate of no criminal record (it will be provided to you in the local internal affairs body); medical certificate; a certificate from the employer about your position and salary, or a copy of the income tax return; married must attach a copy of the marriage certificate. You will also need an extract from a personal account or house book, as well as a certificate of ownership of an apartment or house. The guardianship authorities will have to examine your living conditions, drawing up an appropriate act on this.

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Please note that all adult members of your family must confirm in writing their consent to foster care. Also, the opinion of children living with you who are already ten years old should be taken into account. The guardianship and trusteeship authority must make a decision on registration of guardianship within fifteen days from the day when you provided the necessary documents and certificates. In the Family Code of the Russian Federation, you can familiarize yourself with all the restrictions and conditions of adoption and guardianship. The state pays to guardians a monthly allowance for the maintenance of foster children, assists in their treatment, education and recreation. At the same time, the guardianship authorities will regularly monitor the conditions of detention, education and upbringing of an adopted child.

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