How To Choose Baby Laundry Detergent

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How To Choose Baby Laundry Detergent
How To Choose Baby Laundry Detergent

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Modern moms don't need to soak, wash or boil dirty baby clothes. All the manipulations necessary to give freshness and cleanliness to diapers, undershirts and bibs are performed by automatic washing machines. However, it is not easy for parents today to get the right powder that will deal with dirt. It is important that baby laundry detergent is safe for baby's skin.

How to choose baby laundry detergent
How to choose baby laundry detergent

A wide range of powders and an equally large range of prices for detergents allows moms and dads to choose the optimal baby powder for any budget. But it is necessary to look not only at the brand and the price of the product, it is important to take into account the composition of the powder so as not to face the manifestations of allergies in the child.

What are the requirements for baby powder

Children's laundry detergent must certainly be effective to defeat even stubborn stains and remove juice, ink, etc. from fabrics. Also, the tool should be as safe as possible for the health of the little man. Do not forget that the powder, even the most gentle one, must maintain the quality of the laundry.

It is important that the aroma of the product is sufficiently soft and unobtrusive - a strong smell is not suitable for babies.

When choosing baby powder, you must carefully read the information on the package. Ideally, it should have the inscription "From the first days of life", then the powder can be used to wash the clothes of newborns. It is important that the composition is hypoallergenic, then the products will be suitable even with sensitive skin or a tendency to allergic reactions.

The optimal washing powder for baby clothes should be made with soapy water - it acts delicately on clothes. It is best if the product contains a minimum amount of surfactants, if possible, you should choose a powder without surfactants. The norm of surfactant content in baby powder is no more than 35%.

Requirements for powder for baby clothes

It is convenient when children's washing powder allows you to do without additional bleaching of linen, the use of an air conditioner. If you want your toddler's clothes to shine clean, choose a product with bleach. Oxygen bleaches are more suitable for children, they work well with stains. Optical substances are undesirable, because they form an invisible film on the surface of washed items. It can cause allergic reactions.

Children's washing powder should be suitable for your machine - automatic, activator type or for hand washing.

Buy baby powder for washing, preferably proven brands. Moreover, it is recommended to purchase funds in pharmacies or large supermarkets. So there is less risk that you will encounter counterfeits. When choosing a powder for washing baby clothes, evaluate the integrity of the packaging and, of course, the shelf life of the products.

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