What Metal Symbolizes Taurus

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What Metal Symbolizes Taurus
What Metal Symbolizes Taurus

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Taurus refers to the sign of the Earth. The miraculous properties of earth metals related to this sign, as well as stones, have been known to people since ancient times. It is believed that a stone melted into metal has enhanced properties and is a conductor of energy.

What metal symbolizes Taurus
What metal symbolizes Taurus


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Any metal has a certain energy field, thereby affecting people's lives and health. Interacting with the human biofield, metals can be excellent amulets and charms, since, according to ancient alchemists, they are endowed with healing powers.

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Astrologers talk about the most diverse properties of metals, subdividing them and identifying the degree of correspondence to certain signs of the zodiac. Possessing certain healing properties, the metal can be suitable for people with one type of temperament and be destructive for others.

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Taurus is one of the most calm and balanced signs of the zodiac. The people born under it are very restrained and welcoming, so it is not at all surprising that copper and gold are their metal symbols.

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Copper is a good conductor of energy and heat, in its external characteristics it is very similar to the character of Taurus, the same warm and pliable, but not devoid of nobility and splendor. Gold is a metal of optimists and workaholics that makes you feel confident and calm.

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Copper has the strongest healing properties, it is able to improve the well-being of a person after a severe injury, to dissolve bruises and hematomas. In addition, copper helps with nervous disorders and vascular diseases. Nowadays, copper discs are widely used in medicine. At home, you can use an older coin, as there is much more copper in coins issued before 1961 than in the money of subsequent years.

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When it comes to gold, it doesn't like idlers and misers. People's belief that dishonestly mined gold will bring misfortune to a person still exists today. Gold jewelry can calm a strong heartbeat, strengthen a person's self-confidence, cope with complexes, increase self-esteem, and give strength.

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Gold and silver are versatile gemstone settings. This tradition goes back to ancient times to astrological ideas about the correspondence of planets and metals. Based on them, gold is closely associated with the Sun, silver - with the Moon, iron - with Mars.

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When choosing jewelry as a gift for Taurus, you should know in what decade the person you are going to please was born. Then the gift can become not only pleasant, but also useful. So, for example, Taurus can wear gold without removing it, while other signs of the zodiac need to rest periodically from it.

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