How To Give Quail Eggs To Children

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How To Give Quail Eggs To Children
How To Give Quail Eggs To Children
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Quail meat and eggs are rightfully considered one of the most valuable dietary products. The benefits that they bring to the body have been known since ancient times. It is also important that quail eggs are eaten with pleasure by children who like their miniature size and colorful shell. But this product is not only attractive on the outside. Quail eggs are delicious, nutritious, non-allergenic and do not cause side effects such as diathesis.

How to give quail eggs to children
How to give quail eggs to children


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Quail eggs are highly sterile, for this reason they can be eaten even by small children - one or two eggs a day. A child who eats two eggs a day develops faster, gets sick less often, and remembers information better. There are the following consumption rates for quail eggs for children. From one to three years old, the child should be given one to two eggs per day, from three to ten - 3 eggs, from ten to eighteen years old, the child should consume about four eggs per day.

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Many doctors believe raw quail eggs are the most beneficial. They are consumed half an hour before meals and washed down with juice or water. This reception continues for three to four months. But there is a lot of controversy about whether raw eggs should be taken at all, especially for children. It is believed to feed the children with raw quail eggs.

Step 3

The egg should be thoroughly washed with soap and a sponge before use, while it is important not to damage the shell. Then the eggs are gently immersed in boiling water and boiled after boiling for two minutes. You do not need to process them longer. So you will save all the useful substances and protect yourself and your child from infection.

Step 4

We must not forget about the benefits of quail eggshells. Its use is especially important in the first years of a child's life, when more active processes of bone tissue formation occur in the body, requiring a large amount of calcium. The quail egg shell should be thoroughly washed, allowed to dry and crushed into powder. Then lemon wedges are sprinkled with this powder, which should be given to the baby several times a day.

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