How To Give A Wedding Ring

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How To Give A Wedding Ring
How To Give A Wedding Ring

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Video: How To Give A Wedding Ring
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An engagement ring is given long before the wedding; it symbolizes a marriage proposal. It is usually made of gold or platinum, with a diamond or other precious stone. But the most important thing in a wedding ring is not the composition from which it was cast and not the number of carats in the diamond, but how it will be presented. After all, asking to get married will be one of the most important moments in your life.

How to give a wedding ring
How to give a wedding ring


Step 1

The classic way

Book a table at the restaurant. The restaurant should be solid, with great service, delicious food and live music. Dress appropriately. A classic suit or jeans with a jacket will look appropriate this evening. But hoodies and T-shirts are better left for another occasion. Warn your beloved that you would like to see her in a beautiful dress. Order a romantic melody, drink champagne, stand on one knee and give the girl a box with a ring.

Step 2

Theatrical way

Buy tickets for theatrical performance. Agree with the administrator about permission to go on stage for a couple of minutes after the final action. Prepare a poster with the words "Masha, marry me" and ask your friends to help you. When the show is over, go on stage with your friends and stretch out the poster. Stormy applause and girl's delight are guaranteed to you. When your loved one agrees, step off the stage and give her a wedding ring.

Step 3

Festive way

Present your sweetheart with a treasured box with a ring for the New Year or on her birthday. You do not have to puzzle over the setting and the place where you can make your main surprise at the holiday. You can be sure that your gift will be the most exciting and memorable!

Step 4

Detective way

Hide the wedding ring box somewhere unexpected. This is fine if you already live together. You can place a marriage proposal ring in a towel drawer and ask your loved one to bring you a towel to the bathroom. You can hide the ring in the bag with the girl's favorite cookies and invite her to drink coffee with something delicious. And then all that remains is to observe the surprise and delight on her face.

Step 5

Exotic way

Take your tickets to one of the most romantic cities in the world. Paris, Rome or exotic Bangkok are win-win options. You don't have to hand over the wedding ring in a restaurant. You can do this by walking along the promenade or sitting in a small outdoor cafe or even on the beach. In any case, this moment will be unforgettable.

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