What Is Easy Flirting

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What Is Easy Flirting
What Is Easy Flirting

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Many women tend to flirt and flirt with members of the opposite sex. True, some begin light flirting from a young age, while others master this demeanor throughout their lives. Therefore, in order to win the heart of your beloved or just to please men, you need to learn a few rules of behavior.

What is easy flirting
What is easy flirting

Components of easy flirting

Flirting is an attention-getting demeanor. There are 4 main parts to flirting:

1. Intrigue. Your chosen one should not know directly about your sympathies for him. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it and flirt by the rules.

2. The game. It should be noted that flirting continues as long as you and your partner perceive everything as a game and do not make plans for the future.

3. Improvisation. With light flirting, there is no clear plan of action in advance. You must be able to improvise and pay attention to the little things.

4. Sincerity. You must sincerely believe in what you are doing, otherwise your flirting will fail.

Important to know: the secret weapon of light flirting

With light flirting, you should have a supply of secret weapons in your arsenal, with the help of which you can succeed in amorous affairs and become a great temptress.

As for light flirting, it is most often the ability to seduce the interlocutor with a glance and gestures.

The gaze is the most powerful weapon in the initial phase of light flirting. With it, you can attract attention, interest and intrigue a man. Sometimes a glance can tell more than unnecessary words. You can sneak a glance in the direction of a man or openly look at him, while using another of the secret weapons - a smile. It is very important that your gazes touch no more than 7 seconds, after the expiration of the time, look away, after a few minutes, look at your partner mysteriously again, giving him your charming smile.

A smile makes a woman beautiful. She can be mysterious, sincere and enchanting. In addition, it symbolizes benevolence and willingness to communicate. But everything should have its time and place. Sometimes a smile may not be appropriate.

Another weapon of light flirting is gracefulness and sophistication. You have to lure your partner by showing your femininity. Non-verbal cues, such as gestures, are equally important. To do this, you can use the following techniques:

- stroking the earlobe;

- winding a strand of hair on the finger;

- a casual glance over the shoulder;

- you can also resort to the most famous seductress trick by bowing your head slightly.

Among other things, you need to adapt to the body movements of your interlocutor. Try to imperceptibly repeat your partner's gestures and movements, while lightly touching his hand. On a subconscious level, he will take a few steps towards you. You will also need to be able to maintain a conversation. You must show your intelligence, wit, and at the same time show genuine interest and admiration for your partner. But most importantly, do not overdo it! Don't be too intrusive or annoying.

Your appearance is equally important. Of course, men primarily love with their eyes. Therefore, pay special attention to your wardrobe and makeup. You should breathe elegance, femininity and sexuality, but by no means vulgarity. When it comes to makeup, be sure to accentuate your eyes. However, do not overdo it, your image must be gentle and magnetic.

Having mastered such an arsenal of a seductress, you will certainly be able to master the art of light flirting and get the heart of the desired man.

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