How To Get Your Husband To Have A Baby

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How To Get Your Husband To Have A Baby
How To Get Your Husband To Have A Baby

Living together for a long time, over time, the woman begins to miss the baby. She feels that the relationship is already so strong and time-tested that it is time to move to a new level and have a baby. But not all men are ready for such a serious step, saying that they are not yet ready and need to live for themselves.

How to get your husband to have a baby
How to get your husband to have a baby


Step 1

In order for a loved one to want a child, in no case make him hysterical, do not put ultimatums, give him time to open the instinct in a natural way. If you are constantly annoying with your tantrums, then he can easily run away.

Step 2

If a man is not ready, do not act with cunning, he will feel your fake, and the excuse that you forgot to take the pill will lead to unwanted pregnancy for the stronger sex. As a result, you risk being left alone with a child in your arms.

Step 3

Do not sob on the street at the sight of a small child, do not leave the magazines "Me and My Baby" in the car. If you put pressure on your spouse, he will even more resist this.

Step 4

Uncertainty in a partner is the main reason for unwillingness to have children. Turn your home into a cozy family nest so that he wants to go home, and does not force himself. He must be confident in your loyalty.

Step 5

If your man is a careerist, you should have a calm conversation with him. Ask him what plans he has for the future, and when he plans to have children. Do not press on him, because he may have already planned everything and is ready to give you a clear answer right away. It doesn't even matter what the answer will be, the main thing is that he has a goal to have a child, even if not immediately.

Step 6

Visit friends who are already parents together. If your loved one is doing well with his psyche, then the cute face of the baby and the contented face of his father will not be able to leave him indifferent. Leave him with a happy dad alone to sit with the child, let him feel on himself what it is. But if the child is very moody, this should not be done, otherwise he will be completely frightened.