How To Become A Friend To Your Child

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How To Become A Friend To Your Child
How To Become A Friend To Your Child

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The main thing in the relationship between parents and a child is not the outer shell, which consists in buying expensive toys and fashionable things, but the internal relationship. Nothing will ever replace the support and advice of the father or the affectionate hug and kiss of the mother for a child. If you notice that the child has exchanged your communication for communication with friends or has completely moved away from you, then the time has come to become the best friend of his treasure.

How to become a friend to your child
How to become a friend to your child


Step 1

Give your child more freedom to have a choice of actions. Excessive oversight and guardianship are most often detrimental to intimate relationships. Trust your child by tactfully pointing out his mistakes. Remember, in a few years a teenager will stand in place of the little treasure, who must have his own point of view, be socially adapted and have his own purpose in life.

Step 2

Listen to and analyze all the experiences of your child, explaining why he feels this way. Give examples from your teenage life, share your experience - such an act will help your child overcome difficulties, in the future he will turn to you for advice.

Step 3

The trust between the child and the parent must be mutual. Don't assume that the young age of your teenager will make it impossible to listen to and understand your concerns. Show confidence in your child, tell something personal, share your feelings. This behavior will make your teen feel important in your life.

Step 4

Do not ignore the stories about your child's experiences, blaming everything on the lack of time and accumulated household chores. Throw away everything when the child comes to you for a conversation. Don't ignore conversations.

Step 5

Tell your child about your work, the teenager should be aware of the importance of his parent, what benefits you bring to society. This approach will foster candor on the part of your child. Let him know that you are not just a dad and mom. and also a colleague, subordinate or boss.

Step 6

The basis of any friendship is the existence of common interests. From an early age, children try to copy their parent and help him in everything. Do not push your baby away with the words: "You bother me, I will bake the cake myself" or "Move away, I will subjugate everything myself!" Try to find activities with your child in common, such as watching your favorite cartoons, reading books, being creative, going for walks, or just playing. This way, you will always have topics of conversation that will bring your relationship closer together.

Step 7

Accept yourself and your child as you are, despite mistakes, flaws, and complexities of character. Your child should feel valuable and loved, only then will you receive reciprocity in return.


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