The Most Ridiculous Death

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The Most Ridiculous Death
The Most Ridiculous Death

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The name of the author of the theory of evolution and the theory of natural selection was awarded one of the most controversial awards in the world - the Darwin Prize. To be awarded the title of laureate of the prize, you must be deprived of the opportunity to have offspring or to commit suicide. Moreover, this must be done in the most ridiculous and stupid way.

Natural selection according to Darwin
Natural selection according to Darwin

People love to give each other prizes. There are serious awards - given by serious people to other serious people for some very serious achievements in science, literature, art. And there are comic awards. Only the humor in them is sometimes very black. Like the Darwin Prize, for example. The recipients of this award are people who have stupidly committed suicide or, in the most ridiculous way, have been deprived of the opportunity to continue the race. And thereby rid the gene pool of mankind from their heavy genetic heritage.

Catapult for an idiot

In 1986, the hurricane that raged in the UK was named the most violent in the past three and a half centuries. The wind blew at a speed of up to 90 miles per hour, uprooting trees and throwing them "on whom God will send." One of the huge poplars ripped out by the hurricane fell in the backyard of a homeowner. And another poplar was tilted by a gust of wind so that the trunk of the tree was jammed by the canopy of the house.

It so happened that the foliage of a tree bent like a bow turned out to be an obstacle in the path of the sun's rays, blocking the bedroom window from them. The unlucky homeowner didn’t think of anything better than climbing a tree and trying to saw off the part of the trunk that was jammed. After the work was done, the tree, according to all the laws of physics, straightened, like a catapult, sending the homeowner on a short fatal flight. This Darwin Prize nominee landed a hundred meters from the house. On the head.

Last supper

Amazing ingenuity of mankind in matters of getting rid of excess weight. Every day there are hundreds of new diets, dozens of new ways to lose weight and at least one "miracle product (tool) that will help you lose weight once and for all." Alas, sometimes hobbies for diets and weight loss can end fatally.

The 1993 Darwin Prize winner fell victim to diet in the truest sense of the word. His food system included only two products - cabbage and peas. Falling asleep in his own bedroom with tightly closed windows, the laureate suffocated to death on his own gases (a subsequent autopsy showed that there was a lethal concentration of methane in the blood of the lover of the cabbage and pea diet). He died without waking up. By the way, three rescuers who removed the corpse also received severe poisoning.

Midnight cowboy

In December 1992, an unknown 47-year-old resident of North Carolina became famous throughout the world by becoming a Darwin Prize laureate. Hearing the phone call, the American grabbed a revolver lying next to the phone, put it to his ear and pulled the trigger.

Down the pipe

In 2000, a 25-year-old Canadian became one of the Darwin Prize laureates. After a good drink with friends at the bar, they continued the party at one of their friends' apartment. In the midst of the fun, someone threw out a cry: "How about a little ride on the garbage chute?" The future laureate drew the applause, delighted the audience with his courage and … was found in a garbage bin twelve floors below. In the form of a corpse, of course.

Every year, the Darwin Prize finds and will certainly find new and new laureates for a long time, who are suicidal or deprive themselves of the opportunity to have offspring in especially sophisticated ways. For the land will never run short of fools.

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