How To Find A Guy In One Day

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How To Find A Guy In One Day
How To Find A Guy In One Day

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You might have a bet with someone that you can find yourself a boyfriend in just one day. Or maybe you urgently need a young man for a couple for some kind of celebration, for example, a friend's wedding or an ex's birthday. Or, simply, personal life does not go well, and, in despair, you want to find your feminine happiness as soon as possible, which was lost somewhere on the way to you. Whatever the reason, there is only one way out of this difficult situation: to try to really find a companion or even a loved one in a very short time. By the way, the agreed timeframe for the search is mobilizing, so you need to act quickly to keep within just one day!

every girl wants to meet a guy - one that she loves and understands
every girl wants to meet a guy - one that she loves and understands


Step 1

According to statistics, most couples meet through friends or relatives. So immediately send text messages or private messages to your entire contact list asking them to arrange a blind date with someone you don't know yet. Perhaps not everyone will respond to such a request, but some of the friends will definitely have a neighbor, classmate or classmate, or maybe an older brother who would also like to meet. Exchange phone numbers with him and offer to meet that same evening. Who knows, maybe this is how you will begin to communicate with the person who will become the most dear to you in the world. Or at least ask him to accompany you somewhere as your boyfriend.

Step 2

Take your best friend for confidence and go where you will be provided with increased male attention. To a disco, a nightclub, a bar, a concert, a park where rollers or firemen hang out, and even a training ground if you have a dog. Auto parts stores, building materials stores and other "men's" points are also suitable. Do not hesitate to start a conversation with the guy you like first: today you will not surprise anyone with the fact that a girl takes the initiative. And remember, it will be easier to get to know each other and strike up a relationship if you have common interests, such as a love of motorcycles, rock music, or animals.

Step 3

It used to be thought that sitting at home you couldn't find a boyfriend. However, everything changed with the advent of the Internet and dating sites into our life. Now you can pick up a companion without getting up from the couch and just clicking the mouse. Register on the most popular sites for finding a soul mate, fill out the form and upload your photos. Now you can wait for letters from gentlemen to fall into your mailbox … or look for these gentlemen on your own. However, you need to be careful with such acquaintances: there is always a risk of running into inadequate personalities, so it is better not to rush with close communication.

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