How To Chat With A Girl

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How To Chat With A Girl
How To Chat With A Girl

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Modern technologies make it possible to communicate with anyone, even if your interlocutor is on the other side of the Earth. This is very important, first of all, for shy, reserved people who find it difficult to talk in reality. For example, a person who wants to come up and get to know a girl, but cannot overcome his shyness, is afraid to make himself look funny, it is much easier to communicate with her by e-mail, Skype, phone or on social networks.

How to chat with a girl
How to chat with a girl


Step 1

Originality doesn't hurt. It is worth compiling a message that a lady of the heart will never receive from anyone. It must be extremely original. Don't just write “hello how are you” or send ambiguous emoticons to her. It is necessary to send not just a "smile", but to make her smile. It is important to act so that she understands that a special person is writing to her, not like all the other guys. Abilities that will help to reveal originality are as follows: the ability to make fun, the ability to tell a new story or anecdote, the ability to share special knowledge.

Step 2

Everyone appreciates the ability to ask a question correctly. It is necessary to ask in such a way that the girl will answer. The question should be fairly simple so that she does not spend a lot of time thinking, and at the same time, not too trivial. Among the common ways of forming questions are the following: what happened during the day, how was the test or exam. Do not ask philosophical and rhetorical questions about the meaning of life. Better to ask about the most important events and plans for the coming holidays.

Rather, it is worth writing more capacious messages with meaning than empty conclusions about anything. For example, "how was the evening?", "How did you like the concert?" Do not ask a question that will give you a short yes or no answer. It is important to set the topic in the message and call for a conversation, otherwise the correspondence will end very quickly.

Step 3

Spelling check is very important, because you cannot make gross mistakes. The message must be re-read before sending. The most basic mistakes are misspelling words and breaking punctuation rules. It is important to fix everything before sending a message to the lady of the heart. It is necessary to construct sentences grammatically correctly, otherwise it will be impossible to read them. It's better to spend more time on spelling, capital letters, commas than to blush or be out of work later.

Step 4

It's important not to overdo it. Too much effort in writing messages will quickly be noticed. The girl will understand that you have an unhealthy interest in her and write certain phrases for a reason. Better to be yourself. Here are some tips to help you navigate the situation: it is important to control yourself and try not to send spontaneous messages, it is worth showing a natural sense of humor rather than inappropriate sarcasm. For example, do not exaggerate your own messages by using incomprehensible smiles or the phrase "ha-ha" at the end.


Step 5

Being interesting is also very important, because if a lady is bored with you, she will quickly stop doing it. Interest can create an event that can be reported and called the girl for discussion. It is advisable to make it clear that you are an interesting interlocutor not only in correspondence, but also in a telephone conversation when it happens. Don't change the timbre of your voice, be natural. After all, her decision to meet with you depends on it.

When communicating in SMS, it is important to find common interests and understand what hobbies the lady of the heart has. It is advisable to make it clear that you devote a lot of time not only to work, but also to your hobbies. You can reveal the essence of your hobbies and show that she can easily join your activities.

Step 6

Light flirting will help tune the communication in the right way. This must be done so that the lady understands what really interested you.In this matter, it is important not to cross the line and not overdo it. Otherwise, she will shut up and move away forever. It is advisable to be playful, but in moderation. Comments should be released only in the form of compliments, not greasy hints. It is necessary to joke not only in relation to others, but also to oneself. Self-criticism is very helpful in this case.

Step 7

It is important that she knows what you think of her. It is worth asking questions concerning the lady of the heart, but not too personal. For example, what she does on the weekend or where she would like to go with friends. It is also important to remember what the girl said to you before. For example, she mentioned that soon there will be a test at the institute. It is worth wishing her good luck the day before. Unobtrusively let her know that in your life you pay more attention to her than to your other friends and other activities. This will make her feel special and even more sympathetic to you.

Step 8

It's important not to overdo it. You should find out if she needs your communication, does the lady experience reciprocal feelings? You should avoid the image of a whiner and make it clear that the girl is interesting. Here are a few ways: It is advisable to make sure that you receive an adequate number of messages in response. When a man sent 10 messages, and only 1-2 received in response, it is worth reconsidering the communication style.

No need to respond instantly to her message. If she replies to the message after 7-8 hours, try to bide your time too. If you always send her a response at the same minute, it may seem strange. It is worth analyzing the situation and pulling yourself together. It is important to discard a message written entirely in capital letters. This will scare the lady away.


Step 9

You need to end the conversation in a positive way. And make sure that there is a reason to write a new message. It is permissible to say that you want to communicate in the future. At the end of the conversation, it is important to let the girl know that you think about her all the time. You can write a greeting message every morning and in the evening "good night". But it is worth determining if this annoys the lady.

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