How To Abandon An Adopted Child

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How To Abandon An Adopted Child
How To Abandon An Adopted Child

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Refusal of an adopted child is a rather complicated and lengthy judicial procedure. Therefore, before adopting the children of one of the spouses or a child taken from an orphanage, you need to think carefully.

How to abandon an adopted child
How to abandon an adopted child

It is necessary

  • - a copy of the adoption document;
  • - a copy of the adoptive parent's passport;
  • - a copy of the child's birth certificate.


Step 1

Determine if there are grounds for canceling the adoption of the child. The main reasons for unconditional cancellation of adoption are as follows:

- the adoptive parent is an alcoholic or drug addict (and this is officially confirmed by a medical report);

- the adoptive parent abuses the adoption. If none of the above reasons is true, then the chances of canceling the adoption are reduced. It is possible to cancel adoption for other reasons. It is important to prove their seriousness and relevance. Remember that, first of all, the court takes into account the interests, and sometimes the opinion of the child.

Step 2

Apply to the court or the guardianship authority with an application to revoke the adoption. Attach a copy of the adoption document, a copy of your passport and a copy of the child's birth certificate to your application. In addition, other documents may be required (for example, a medical certificate). In the event of a divorce, one of the spouses may apply for the cancellation of the adoption, if there are grounds for this. The consent of the other spouse to revoke the adoption can play a positive role in the adjudication.

Step 3

Get the help of a qualified lawyer with experience in such cases. It will help you gather the evidence you need to increase your chances of canceling the adoption. If the court satisfies your application, then within three days an extract from the court decision will be sent to the registry office, where the cancellation of adoption will be registered. In this case, the child may be assigned a different surname and patronymic, or these data will remain unchanged at the discretion of the court and at the request of the child.

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