Questions To The Girl: Determining The Situation

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Questions To The Girl: Determining The Situation
Questions To The Girl: Determining The Situation

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To understand a woman, you must get to know her well. Many men do not have a desire to go too far in communication with their passion, but it is through communication that you can reach a deeper level of understanding of a person.

A harmonious relationship is possible when you know your girlfriend well
A harmonious relationship is possible when you know your girlfriend well

To determine how attached a girl is to you, how comfortable she is with you, and what she needs to be in harmony with you, you can ask a few questions.

The ideal situation is the opportunity to freely and without hesitation discuss any topic with your partner. This is a completely different level of psychological comfort.

When both partners understand each other well, a great relationship can take place. Here are five questions that will help you determine the situation in your relationship and that will reveal some secrets about your girlfriend's personality. They can also change your relationship for the better by strengthening it.

What's her favorite pastime?

Ask what she likes to do the most while being around you. This question will let you know how close your interests are. If you prefer to go bowling and she is interested in cycling, next time you should change the way you spend your time. You can also find a compromise on how to spend time together.

What are her expectations?

Ask her what she expects from her relationship with you. Both partners need to know what the other expects from the relationship. If the expectations are different, then both are better to know about it as early as possible, otherwise in the future pain cannot be avoided.

Does she trust you?

Trust is the main ingredient in any relationship. If she does not trust you in something, then this should be discussed and worked out immediately. Determine how justified her distrust is. This attitude can be the result of both your behavior and her own inner discomfort.

Is it comfortable for her to tell you about her experiences?

It is very important for women to share their experiences. This is how they build stronger relationships.

If she says that she is uncomfortable talking about something, ask yourself how openly and sincerely you are behaving towards her. Encourage her, support the initiative in her, if she has a desire to share with you. Just listen to her without interrupting, offering solutions to her problems, or trying to influence her feelings. If, having tried this, you have not heard the revelations, then we may talk about her personal problem, which prevents her from opening up to you.

When does she feel happy around you?

This question will lead the girl to positive thoughts, and her answer will serve as an occasion to think about how to strengthen the relationship, paying more attention to her happy moments. Think about it yourself, because the girl, instead of answering, may ask you a counter question.

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