How To Know If A Girl Is A Virgin

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How To Know If A Girl Is A Virgin
How To Know If A Girl Is A Virgin

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There is a certain type of men who prefer their girlfriend to be innocent. However, it is rather difficult to determine this, being guided by observation alone, and the soulmate herself may also be in no hurry to tell the truth. Nevertheless, you can still guess that this is a virgin.

How to know if a girl is a virgin
How to know if a girl is a virgin


Step 1

Pay attention to how the girl behaves in communication. There is an opinion that virgins are much more modest. When talking with a man, they often blush, do not always find a common language right away, give the guys initiative. And yet this is not always a clear sign: some girls deliberately behave differently in order to please their companion.

Step 2

Try to start a conversation about a previous relationship with your girlfriend. Ask if she had men before you, how long did she meet, etc. Usually virgins try to avoid such conversations and answer questions indistinctly. Sometimes they even write love stories, but if you wish, you can find a lot of far-fetched and even naive in them.

Step 3

Look at how the girl behaves if you try to touch, hug, or kiss her. An inexperienced and innocent girl behaves very stiffly at such moments, and this suggests that earlier she did not allow men to get too close to her.

Step 4

Invite the girl to spend the evening with you or her house (if you have been dating for a while) and see her reaction. If she is a virgin, she might be intimidated by such an offer. If she nevertheless agreed, try moving on to more intimate caresses - during the kiss, touch her breasts, run your hands over her body, etc. Even if the girl used to behave quite normally, she may begin to show noticeable awkwardness and even deliberately stop you. This again can speak of her innocence.

Step 5

Contact the girl's friends and girlfriends if you know them well, and ask them if she had anyone before you or not. Usually, this information is not hidden, and if you make a good impression on them, the girl's friends will tell the truth about it to help your relationship.

Step 6

If you have been dating for quite some time, invite your girlfriend to have sex directly. Tell her that you have feelings for her and want to get even closer. If she also likes you and the moment is right, she is unlikely to say no. However, if before that the girl had no one, she can still admit it herself, because she is experiencing great excitement before such an important moment.

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