How To Be Tougher With A Guy

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How To Be Tougher With A Guy
How To Be Tougher With A Guy

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The fact that men more respect girls who know their own worth has been known for a long time. But, nevertheless, many female representatives forget this truth and go to various humiliations, just to get the guy's attention.

How to be tougher with a guy
How to be tougher with a guy


Step 1

Develop self-esteem, read more, watch educational programs, broaden your horizons. Filling your inner world, you will be a self-sufficient person, not experiencing self-doubt and not dependent on anyone. It is independence that is one of the cornerstones in relationships with men: realizing that you do not need him, your boyfriend will treat you much more carefully and more attentively.

Step 2

If you think your boyfriend is in too much of a hurry and is demanding something from you that you are not yet ready for, consider whether you need such a relationship at all. After all, if a guy really appreciates and loves you, he will never insist on what you don’t like, what you don’t want, but will take care of your interests.

Step 3

Try to talk frankly with him about the things that don't suit you in your relationship. After all, rigidity is not an option, but just a form of self-defense. Relationships should bring joy to both partners, why should you constantly defend yourself from someone? Give your boyfriend the opportunity to realize his mistakes, to understand what was wrong in his behavior.

Step 4

Does your boyfriend continue to bend his line and doesn't want to make any compromises? Give up this relationship or let him know that you are ready to break it off. If you are afraid that in response to your actions the man will find another girl, it means that he does not have deep feelings for you, or you yourself do not believe in them. To find out, part with him for a few days. A little separation will help you and he better understand what exactly connects you and whether it binds you at all.

Step 5

Feel less pity for your boyfriend. Don't be rude and callous to him. Just do not let him exploit you, immediately stop any attempts to behave disrespectfully towards you.

Step 6

Don't sacrifice yourself to your boyfriend. The person who agreed to accept it is unlikely to appreciate your action. Strive for relationships "on an equal footing", without the roles of "bad girl and good boy" and without attitudes: "He is the best!", "Everything is for him!" and "I'm ready for anything for him!" First think, what is he ready for for you?

Step 7

Don't drag out the conversation if your boyfriend is bored. You'd better leave first than look him in the back throughout the entire date. There is one well-known expression: "A man needs to be thrown like a boomerang so that he wants to come back to you."

Step 8

Be more specific when suggesting a topic of conversation. The banal "let's talk" guys often don't understand.

Step 9

Please note that men do not really like those girls who show their love unnecessarily, endlessly repeating something like: "I cannot live without you," be more restrained.

Step 10

Take compliments for granted, without any pretense or comments.

Step 11

A little shake up won't hurt your boyfriend, make him feel guilty.

Step 12

You should not completely follow the advice of your friends. Trust your own intuition and your feelings. Don't be afraid to lose what you may not need at all. Learn to say no.

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